Joyeaux Cafe

I met up with a new friend at Joyeaux Cafe recently since it was the mid-point between our offices. They had good reviews so I had high expectations for them. Sadly they weren’t met, especially after my great experience at Red Pagoda.

Joyeaux Cafe

The interior was a bit dark and the decor was dated but the high ceilings made it feel extra spacious. The walls are covered with photos of the menu items and the menu is extensive and consists of the usual pho, vermicelli and rice options as well as breakfast options, lunch specials and vegetarian specials.  Read more

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

My aunt was visiting from China so we all went for a family dinner at Shi-Art. It’s located inside Richmond Centre next to Tim Horton’s. It’s easily accessible by public transit and there’s plenty of parking. The restaurant has been around for a long time but I’ve only been once when I was quite young so it’s basically like my first time here.

Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine

I didn’t get to see the menu before I arrived. We started with my favourite/most-ordered soup, Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup. I was lucky enough to get some large chunks of crab in mine!

Read more

Ramen Danbo-Robson

Ramen Danbo opened up last year on W. 4th and opened another location on Robson as well. After watching Dr. Strange, my friends and I craved ramen on a cold rainy day so we headed over to their Robson location. It wasn’t too busy and after a quick wait, we were seated at the bar. The “bar” is actually a really low one instead of the high counter top kind that you usually think of when people say they’re sitting at the bar.

Ramen Danbo

Each wooden stool is actually hollow inside and there’s a lid that you can remove so that you can place your coat and bag inside since there is usually no where to put your belongings in many ramen shops. I thought that was super nifty! Read more


I’ve made multiple visits to Dinesty so I thought it was time to update my post. This was the culmination of two visits to the Aberdeen location. Dinesty is located on the second floor near Chef Hung and Guu. They have expanded again this year and now have a location near Metrotown as well.

Dinesty Aberdeen

Pictured above are the Shredded Pork in Hoisin Sauce with Pancakes and the Drunken Chicken. The pork is saucy but tasty and it’s always fun to make your own pancake wraps. The drunken chicken is served chilled and the portion is not that big but there’s plenty of wine flavour. Read more

Sydney Eats: Koi Dessert Bar

Koi Dessert Bar was opened up by Reynold Poernomo, a contestant of MasterChef Australia 2015. He was crowned “Dessert King” after producing amazing dessert after dessert.

Koi Dessert Bar

The restaurant has a cafe on the ground floor and an elegant dining space on the 2nd floor where they also serve a set dinner ($75pp) and set dessert menu ($65pp).  Read more

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