Candy Tree Dessert-Shaved Ice, Durian Waffles and More!

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

I was invited to another Chinese Bites event and this time we hit up Candy Tree Dessert. They are located on Kingsway near Patterson and close to the Patterson skytrain station. I knew they would offer similar desserts to Icy Bar so I was ready to embrace everything! My dessert stomach is always ready.

We were separated into 3 different tables and each table ordered their own items but I still took pictures of stuff from other tables. This place is pretty small so it’s probably best for small groups since the waits are going to be really long.

Candy Tree Dessert

On the left we have the Durian Milkshake and on the right we have the Ferrero Rocher Milkshake. Heard good things about both! Read more

Snowy Village Robson-Croissant Taiyaki

After my tasting at Spaghetei, I walked up to the fairly new Snowy Village location on Robson because we had been talking about it and I wanted to try their taiyaki (the Japanese fish shaped pancake with filling).

Snowy Village

This location wasn’t that busy at all! I’ve heard about the outrageous line ups at their original location in Richmond so I’ve never tried it. Read more

Baker’s Krate-Subscription Dessert Box Review

My friend kindly sent me the Baker’s Krate box last month for my birthday and boy was I excited to receive it! To be fair, it was sitting at the post office for a few days before I went to pick it up because I missed it at my house…

Baker's Krate

Baker’s Krate selects different hand-crafted baked goods from all across Canada to ship to you every month. Sounds delicious already right? The treats they selected for August were right up my alley!

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Poke Time-My First Poke Experience

Poke Time opened up last month and I had been hearing and reading a lot about the new poke (pronounced poh-kay) bars that are suppose to be opening up this year so I really wanted to try it. Also, it’s basically like sashimi on rice so it seemed like it was hard to go wrong with it!

Poke Time

Poke is a raw fish salad that originates from Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii before so I’ve never had the real thing┬ábut my friend says that poke is commonly found in grocery stores too and you can buy it deli style there! The photo above was actually taken a few days after my visit so I went before the grand opening. Not sure if things have changed now.

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When You’re Finally Sick of Blueberries-Blueberry Crisp

I can’t believe it’s September already! Christmas is just around the corner… Back in July, I was so excited for blueberry season that I probably devoured 5lbs a week or so. I popped them like candy! Then after two weeks I slowly got sick of them but there were a lot of blueberries left so I decided to turn it into a blueberry crisp!

Blueberry Crisp

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