Lunch at Sura Korean Restaurant

I’ve finally tried the famous lunch set at Sura Korean Restaurant! This was my first time at their downtown location but I’ve been to their Richmond location in Aberdeen Mall twice now. We also just beat the lunch rush here, so far so good! We actually decided to go to Sura after we tried to go to the Ramen Butcher for their $5 soft opening special but the line was ridiculously long.

We ordered the $15 lunch set which comes with a lot of food. You need to order a minimum of 2 sets per table. We had 3 people so we had 3 sets. Sorry this was a while ago so I don’t quite remember everything!

Sura Korean Restaurant

Everyone starts off with a bowl of congee! More flavourful than I expected since I’m not a congee fan.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Spicy Squid Salad. I liked the addictive spiciness.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Green Salad

Sura Korean Restaurant

Bulgogi! Meat was tender and the sauce was good. I liked how it came with some veggies.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Mung bean jelly with salad but it didn’t have any flavour except for the spicy sauce on top of it. It was just like eating jello.

Sura Korean RestaurantHerb Pork Belly/Bossam. Tender and fatty!

Sura Korean Restaurant

Grilled Atlantic Croaker. Lots of bones and fishy. Gotta eat this really carefully!

Sura Korean Restaurant

Nam Yang Chicken (sweet and sour fried chicken or it could’ve been pork…) I love sweet and sour stuff so this was one of my favourite dishes.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Potato Pancake

Sura Korean Restaurant

Tofu Jjigae? 

At the end of the meal we were served some Korean rice punch which I’ve never had before. It was mostly like a sweet tasting sugar water with some rice particles.

We each got a bowl of rice too. I liked that there was a variety of food and we were stuffed after the meal. The food just kept coming! The price is also pretty good if you want to sample a variety of Korean cuisine. The dishes aren’t big but there’s enough to fill you up.

They also have a $20 lunch set with some more expensive items. See my previous review for dinner at Sura Korean Restaurant here.

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Santouka Anniversary Day

My coworker alerted me about Santouka Anniversary Day where they would have 50% off select ramen bowls! That was a deal we couldn’t pass up!!! Unfortunately she was too busy to come with us =(

Santouka RamenThe special event was all day until they ran out of soup! The 50% off only applies to their shio, shoyu,  miso and kara-miso ramen. We went really early and got there at 11:15am! We ended up waiting for 20mins which isn’t too bad.

Santouka Ramen

We both ordered the Kara-Miso which is a spicy version of their regular miso. Since it was a busy day for them, we placed our order in line before we were seated and after we were seated our ramen arrived almost right away. So efficient!

The noodles were al dente and the cut of pork was well marbled just the way I like it. It was thick enough too. The broth was rich and creamy while having the right kick of spiciness. I liked this much better than the red ramen I had at the Ramen Butcher.

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Sal Y Limon

I was impressed with the burritos from Sal Y Limon (pronounced sal-ee-leemon) on my last visit but this time I decided to try the quesadillas since I wasn’t as hungry. They’re currently renovating their restaurant and expanding it. Well they were last month anyway so I’m not sure if they’re finished now.

Sal Y LimonI had the Cheese and Lamb marinated in cilantro Quesadilla.  The quesadilla came with a generous amount of sour cream and the lamb filling was smooth, adequately cheesy and well marinated! I also added a bit of their diabla sauce on top and it was super spicy! Spicy as in my lips were going numb and my nose was running but now I that know what it tastes like, I can opt for a less spicy sauce next time.There was also a small side salad that didn’t look appetizing and it had some sort of tomato sauce/salsa on it and I didn’t end up eating it.

They usually have a small line up but service is efficient. Seating is pretty tight though but food is cheap! Read about my last visit here.

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Matcha Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been meaning to make shortbread cookies for a while and I finally got around to it. I even added some matcha powder to make them more special =D

Matcha Shortbread Cookies

To make these buttery cookies, you only need 4 ingredients: butter, powdered sugar, flour and matcha powder. I rolled the dough into a log and then just cut them up into circles since I was too lazy to use a cookie cutter. Also, my cookies were pretty small so I ended up baking them for 8 mins only and the bottom was still slightly burnt already =( The recipe says to bake for 16-18 mins but I’ve learned long ago to always bake less than what they say!

Check out the recipe I used from The Comfort of Cooking. The recipe is just for regular shortbread cookies but I added two tablespoons of matcha powder to mine.

Little BabyCakes Update

I blogged about Little BabyCakes back in December when they sent me some of their babycakes to try out! They are still looking for the perfect location though so they still haven’t opened up yet. Currently they are only offering catering services.

However, they are going to have a pop up location at Holt Renfrew from March 28 to April 4th so go check them out there! Click here to read my review.

Little BabyCakes

Also price wise it is $7 for 6 babycakes and $13 for 12. I was probably disillusioned to think it was going to be cheap hahaha

Congee Noodle House

I was visiting a new optometrist and it was conveniently located across from Congee Noodle House. Time for some no frills good old Chinese food!

Congee Noodle House

Beef Rice Rolls! I didn’t know they served these here since I always thought it was a dim sum thing. Not sure why they used this dish to serve it if they were going to leave the other side empty.

Congee Noodle House

Since this was Congee Noodle House we had to get some congee. Even though I don’t really like congee that much I liked this! This was the Century Egg and Pork Congee. They state on their menu that all their congees come with peanuts and green onion. The congee was well flavoured as in salty and didn’t taste plain like what my mom makes haha I think that’s why I don’t like congee at home…

Congee Noodle House

Finally we had the Stir Fried Beef Rice Noodles which is like a staple for Chinese comfort food. The beef was tender and there was a decent amount in the noodles along with some crunchy bean sprouts. As far as greasiness goes I’ve had worse.

Food came really fast and there was no service but that’s fine as long as the food is good!

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The Ramen Butcher

When the Ramen Butcher had their grand opening special week ($5/bowl!), I tried to go but the line up was waaay too long, we are talking about at least 30 people or more… totally not worth lining up so we just went the week after!

The Ramen Butcher

This was the Red Ramen which is their spicy ramen. The broth was not overly thick and rich but still creamy. It actually wasn’t very spicy to me though. I wish it came with another piece of chashu! The chashu was a good balance between fatty and lean. The weirdest thing was the noodles because they were really thin and more like soba noodles so I wasn’t used to it. The portions aren’t too big but they do give you complimentary noodles after you are finished if you still want more!

The Ramen Butcher

This was the Orange Ramen which came with miso marinated ground pork and also a piece of chashu. It didn’t really taste that much different than my Red ramen though but I only had some of the soup so I can’t really say.

The Ramen ButcherThis was the Original Ramen.

The Ramen Butcher

We also had to order some of their gyozas to share! On the left we have the Cheese Gyozas and on the right we have the Okonomi Gyozas covered in bonito flakes. The wrappers were thin and the fillings were juicy and flavourful. The cheese and okonomi toppings were good additions to make it more interesting but they’re not like a must order item to me. I kind of feel like I can add my own toppings or I’m just really cheap. On the other hand, the gyozas were probably more memorable than the ramen?

I think the ramen was good but nothing too exciting? It wouldn’t be my favourite ramen joint… I don’t think I have one yet since I haven’t tried them all.

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Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Tokyo Joe’s! I used to go a lot and then I discovered other places. They used to have miso soup that you can help yourself to but our server just brought it over for us so not sure if it’s still all you can drink? Not that I would have more than one bowl anyway.

Tokyo Joe's Sushi Factory

We ordered the Salmon and Avocado Cone, Salmon and Avocado roll, Chopped Scallop roll, TJ Garden roll and the Crazy roll. The rolls all looked good but the rice was really mushy and flavourless. It just tasted really gross!!! I couldn’t taste anything but the weird rice so I had to drown it in soy sauce.

The TJ Garden roll had yam tempura inside with avocado and seaweed salad on top. We ordered this for the seaweed salad but the roll wasn’t really that special. The Crazy roll had spicy tuna and prawn tempura and this roll came with more sauce so the sushi rice didn’t taste as bad plus I like spicy stuff.

I was disappointed it wasn’t as good as before. =( Read about my previous visits here and here.

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Miura Waffle and Milk Bar

I decided to grab lunch at Miura Waffle and Milk Bar since it was conveniently close to work.

Miura Waffle and Milk Bar

I settled on the Garlic Fried Chicken which was served with lettuce, teriyaki sauce and mayo. The portion is large and very filling. I was really looking forward to the garlic fried chicken since you know I love fried chicken! However, the chicken seemed to be under seasoned and there really wasn’t any garlic flavour which was disappointing.

The waffles are American style and they are quite soft so the last piece tends to get a bit soggy if you eat slow. I think it was alright but didn’t quite hit the mark this time for me.

Their restaurant seems to be quite empty though no matter what time it is. Read about my last visit here and here.

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The Flying Pig-Olympic Village

The Flying Pig opened up their third location in Olympic Village recently which is right in ma hood. So of course we had to go for lunch on Friday! The interior looks really nice with a wood theme going on and the wall behind our booth was lined with wine bottles.

The Flying Pig Olympic Village

We started off with some Complimentary Bread served with EVOO on a large plate convenient for dipping. Probably a little too convenient since I accidentally drenched my slice of bread. Not sure what kind of bread this was but it was really soft and served at room temperature.

The Flying Pig-Olympic Village

We shared the Devilled Jumbo Chicken Drumettes served with a side of parmesan basil sour cream. As you can see, they gave us two huge celery stalks for the garnish which was really weird. Usually they cut it up into pieces for you! Not sure why they didn’t do it here… The drumettes were glazed with a sweet sriracha BBQ sauce and there was suppose to be sriracha sauce in there but I couldn’t taste any. The meat was very tender though but besides the BBQ sauce on top the meat had no other flavour so it felt like it wasn’t seasoned/marinated enough. The parmesan basil sour cream helped though!

The Flying Pig

This was one of the specials of the day. Jumbo Macaroni with cheesy garlic bread, chicken breast, bacon and a 3 cheese cream sauce. I was debating between this or the braised short rib jumbo macaroni. Despite how good it sounded on paper (or their chalkboard), we felt that the dish fell short of our expectations. It wasn’t bad per se but it could’ve been a bit cheesier or more flavourful. The chicken breast wasn’t dry though and the cheesy garlic bread was really good!

The Flying Pig

For our side dish, we ordered the Truffled Cauliflower Gratin. When we received it, we complained that it was too watery and our server overheard us and offered to replace it for us! My foodie friend suspects that it was frozen before so that’s why there was so much water.

The Flying Pig

This was the replacement and it looked much better. It was less watery and more cheesy but we still thought the 4 cheese cream sauce could’ve been creamier and thicker in consistency but it was an improvement.  The service was great! They even took it off the bill for us.

Maybe my expectations were too high since I’ve been wanting to try the Flying Pig for a while but our experience wasn’t as exciting as we hoped for. I would still like to try them again for dinner or happy hour though.

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