Heritage Asian Eatery-Baos and Bowls

Heritage Asian Eatery opened up late last year and they feature Asian inspired baos and bowls as well as snacks. Located next to Melu Juice, there’s ample seating in here with some small tables for 2 or 4 and a longer communal table as well. You order at the counter and then they will call you once your food is ready. This post is a culmination of 2 visits, the first was back in December and then I went again in March.

Heritage Asian Eatery

My friend ordered the udon with a sous vide egg. The dish was nicely plated and the egg melded everything together smoothly. The flavours here were very light.

Heritage Asian Eatery

Heritage Asian Eatery also serves a few side dishes like eggplant, wings and cauliflower. For myself, I had the Deep Fried Cauliflower. The blend of spices used here was very tasty and addictive. The cauliflower was more of the soft side and it’s almost as good as the one from Nuba! I think the cauliflower from Nuba has more of a lemony zing to it. Heritage Asian Eatery

I also had the Pork Belly Bao. I probably should’ve moved the parsley (or is it cilantro?) out of the way for the photo! The bao was surprisingly soft and filled with soft braised pork belly. There were a some fried onion bits and some pickled vegetables as well but I think they need to add another crunchy element to this as everything was very soft. Flavour was good though and there’s a good amount of sauce.

For my second visit, I came back to try their bowls with a different friend. The menu has expanded to include drinks as well as desserts now (matcha mantou and coconut pudding).

Heritage Asian EateryHeritage Asian Eatery In addition, they are also started doing brunch on weekends this month. It’s safe to say that business is doing well!

Heritage Asian Eatery

The Chicken Bowl consists of 3 pieces of fried chicken, a soft marinated egg, fried onions, salad and rice. My friend also added Char Siu for $3 because she was craving it. I was surprised that they put a green onion ginger mixture on top of the fried chicken. Usually this is for Empress chicken etc. The flavours worked well though and my friend liked that it wasn’t too oily. The chicken had a crunchy exterior but I felt it could’ve been seasoned a bit more and it was more dry than I expected since they used drumsticks here. The thinly sliced char siu was tender and exhibited sweet flavours. Heritage Asian EateryThe Pork Belly Bowl had a similar composition to the chicken bowl. The pork belly was presented as a large block which you can shred yourself. It was a fatty and tasty treat! I also really liked the soft marinated egg and I’m glad each bowl comes with one. The portion size was reasonable for lunch although if you eat a lot, you may want to add a side dish to your meal. I feel like maybe the bowl could’ve used a bit more sauce but overall there was plenty of flavour and the kimchi marinated daikon and salad provided a crunchy contrast.

Heritage Asian Eatery is a great addition to the Coal Harbour area for lunch! You can also get take out or delivery from Foodora.

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India Bistro-Private Tasting

Disclaimer: I was invited for a private tasting at India Bistro by fellow food blogger and Instagrammer Julie (Yumdeliciousness). All food was complimentary but opinions are my own.

I must preface this post by saying that I actually have very limited experience with Indian food (besides from the food court) and I believe this is the first blog post about Indian food that I’ve ever written! Sorry if I can’t describe everything properly! The last Indian restaurant I tried was Chutney Villa but I never blogged about it.

India Bistro is situated on Davie Street and they offer a lunch buffet 7 days a week ($12.95/person) from 11:30am-3pm, as well as traditional Indian cuisine.

India Bistro

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Passion 8 Dessert Cafe

As a huge fan of Taiwanese thick toast and carbs in general, I was drawn to the toasts from Passion 8 Dessert Cafe.  Here they call them “toastery”. They are also known for their shaved ice. Passion 8 is located on Cambie and 14th near Tropika.

Passion 8 Dessert Cafe

I really didn’t feel like having shaved ice though since it was -5 outside but they come in two different sizes and you can also do take out as well. Actually in general I’m not crazy for shaved ice if there are other options around. I haven’t even been to Snowy Village yet!  Read more

Samsoonie Noodle and Rice – BF Writes My Blog Post

I asked for Korean Food one night, and this is what my dear Food GPS points me towards.  Let’s dive right in; Samsoonie Noodle and Rice, a restaurant tucked away in a corner of an oddly shaped plaza.  These places usually scream, “I’m delicious, come to me!”   Let’s find out if that’s the case.

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Fable Diner-Take me Back for Milkshakes

A few years ago I went to Fable Kitchen for dinner and I was impressed with their food but it’s not a place I can visit often. I was delighted to hear that they were going to take over the space where Reno’s diner used to be and turn it into a more casual and affordable version of Fable Kitchen but with a diner feel. After trying out a free yoga class nearby, I headed over for dinner. Fable Diner is conveniently located on Main and Broadway.

FYI, the yoga class was really low level and felt more like a stretching class. It felt like I spent the whole time waiting for the “real yoga” to happen but it never did… It was my second time trying yoga and needless to say, I don’t think I burned any calories.

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