WestCoast Poke-Poke Outside of Downtown

2016 was the year of poke since poke shops were popping up left and right. WestCoast Poke is one of the newer ones (or maybe by the time I publish this post it won’t be) outside of the downtown core on 8th and Cambie.

WestCoast Poké

It’s conveniently located near the Canada Line and they’ll probably get a lot of lunch time traffic from people working nearby.  Read more

Wild Wood Pacific Bistro-Whistler

My company had our Christmas party in Whistler this year at the Wild Wood Pacific Bistro. I was in charge of researching restaurants and we chose this one because they had the best set menu price. Wild Wood Pacific Bistro is located inside the Crystal Lodge.


We drove up on a Friday afternoon and explored Whistler Village for a bit before heading to dinner. Actually I was really hungry before dinner so I popped into Purebread for a snack first! I just couldn’t resist and had to satisfy my big sweet tooth. If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with Purebread and I should probably do an updated post since I go there so often.

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Happy Tree House BBQ

My friend wanted to try out Happy Tree House BBQ for our next gathering and I’m down to try new places! I haven’t heard much about Happy Tree House BBQ so I didn’t have any expectations but my friend said that she noticed it was always busy in here when she went to Koto Izakaya which is located in the same plaza. Happy Tree House BBQ specializes in meat skewers.

Happy Tree House BBQ

We had 5 people which was good because there is a min. order of 5 for some of the skewers. Above we have the Chicken Knees and the Pork skewers. The seasoning they used was really tasty and not too salty. The meat was nicely grilled and tender. The skewers are brought to the table as they are ready.

Happy Tree House BBQ

My friend wanted to try the Lamb Kidney and there is a min. order of 2. I’m not a fan of kidneys to begin with but these were seasoned with the same seasoning as the chicken knees and pork we had. It had a bit of a chewy texture to it.

Happy Tree House BBQ

Next we had the Premium Beef and Pork.

Happy Tree House BBQ

The Lamb Kebabs were our favourite! You can choose between the “special” flavour or original. Not sure what’s in the special flavour but it was delicious! These also came on a metal skewer instead of a wooden skewer and there’s a min. order of 5.

Happy Tree House BBQ

In addition to skewers, they also serve grilled fish. I’ve never seen fish served like this before.

Happy Tree House BBQ

You can choose from different types of fish (codfish, tilapia, barramunde, spicy mini lobster) and then choose which flavour you want: spicy with pepper, spicy, soy black bean, or fresh green pepper. We had the Codfish “spicy with pepper”. If you can read Chinese, you can see the difference between spicy with pepper and spicy in the menu snippet above. Not sure how to describe it! I assumed the “spicy” option was with the Szechuan peppers but that’s what we ordered with the “spicy with pepper”? You can order side dishes (e.g. enoki mushroom, tofu, bean curd skin) to go with the fish as well but we didn’t get any.

The hot tray that the fish is on is lit underneath and then it starts bubbling as it gets heated up. Underneath the fish are some onions and beansprouts which are cooked in the process. The fish was very flaky and tender! I enjoy spicy foods so it wasn’t too spicy for me but as you keep eating it does get to you. The head and tail was also removed making it easier to eat. However, there are still bones inside of course. The tray for the fish also came with a place to put other small side dishes on the side.

Happy Tree House BBQ

This was where our server placed the Grilled Eggplant that we ordered to save table space. The eggplant was a rip off because it cost $4.95 and came with 4 small pieces and it didn’t even taste good. It had a garlic paste on top and it wasn’t very special.

Happy Tree House BBQ
Lastly we had the Hand Made Noodles in Lamb Meat Soup. The broth was very flavourful and I loved the texture of the hand made noodles. Great way to get in some carbs with all the meat! It tasted above average and I would be happy just ordering this.

The service was quick and efficient and the restaurant is large and spacious. We sat near the TV where they were playing concerts in Mandarin and it was kinda loud. Happy Tree House BBQ is a good place to try with a group due to the min. order because if you had less people then you wouldn’t be able to try a variety of skewers. The price does add up quickly though if you eat a lot.

Happy Tree House BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

T&T-Taiwanese Sticky Rice Rolls

EDIT: I wrote this last month and the price has now gone up to $4.29.

Another EDIT: Apparently it’s $4.50 now… >.>

I’ve decided that it’s time to share my addiction to Taiwanese Sticky Rice Rolls with you all! I’ve had them for many years now since I discovered them in Osaka Supermarket. Now that T&T has opened at Marine Gateway, I have even more opportunities to get one! Priced at $3.99, this is a great snack.

T&T Taiwanese Sticky Rice Rolls

Unfortunately you cannot customize your sticky rice roll at this location. They are all pre-made and sitting in a warmer. Not a problem though because I’m not super picky about what’s in my rice roll. They all taste good to me! They do have a few varieties that include traditional, marinated pig ears, shredded chicken etc. General fillings include marinated egg, shredded egg, preserved vegetables, pork floss or Chinese donut. I was surprised that the Chinese donut was still crispy when I got mine.

T&T Taiwanese Sticky Rice Roll

If you wait till 8 or 9pm when they’re closing soon, I believe they go on sale for $3.49.

Ajisai Sushi Bar

Ajisai Sushi Bar has consistently topped lists of best sushi restaurants in Vancouver and finally I made it here to try it! I went super early right after they opened at 5pm so there was no line up. They are located right around the corner from London Drugs in Kerrisdale.


We started off with Ramune, a Japanese soda. If you’ve never had this before, it will be an interesting experience opening the bottle. There’s a marble at the top of the opening that you have to push down with a plastic fixture on the lid before you are able to drink from the bottle. FYI the small tea pot thing in the back is actually for soy sauce.

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The Breakfast Table

The Breakfast Table is situated on Broadway and Granville, across from McDonald’s. They specialize in all day breakfast/brunch with an Asian twist. The Breakfast Table

The inside is painted a robin’s egg blue and there’s a moderate amount of seating. When I went in November, it wasn’t too busy yet around lunch time and there was just a short wait. They can call you or text you when your table is ready so we just went over to Chapters to browse around first.

The menu features various hashes (is this a word?) with different proteins such as fried chicken, beef bulgogi and smoked cosalmon along with more classic dishes like the classic benedict, waffles and French toast.

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