Chewies-Lunch and Happy Hour Time!

I don’t do happy hour often, but when I do it’s at Chewies! They have buck a shuck oysters! Need I say more?
Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

Okay to be honest it’s only been in the last 2 years that I’ve started eating oysters and boy was I glad that I started! They have a new rule here where each person is only allowed to order 6 oysters at a time per order because sometimes one table will order a lot and then the person shucking oysters won’t be able to move onto the next order for a long time. However, you can order many times! They have $1 oysters as well as $2 premium oysters. I personally can’t tell the difference so it doesn’t matter to me!

Also pictured above is the All Dressed Cajun Fries with andouille sausage, fresh garlic, cheese curds and parmesan with garlic mayo. The portion is huge and would be good for 3-4 people! I found that the sausage was strangely dry and shriveled looking and the fries could’ve used more Cajun seasoning. Not the best fries I’ve had but it’s a good item to share for happy hour.

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

The Dungeness Crab Cakes come with three pieces and are served with a salad on top. Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

There was a good amount of fluffy crab inside! I like how it’s a bit crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

The Oysters Rockefeller was something I’d never tried before. Each piece has absinthe, spinach and herb puree, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and topped with a Cajun hollandaise sauce. It was like oyster motoyaki but with spinach and crunchier. These are much bigger oysters than the buck a shuck ones.

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

Finally, I had a chance to try the Crocs and Hush Puppies! Yes they use actual crocodile here (3 pieces) and it’s like fried chicken but slightly more smooth in texture and almost fish-like but not. The hush puppies (cornbread) were average tasting to me. A jalapeno jelly is served on the side for dipping and it was more sweet than spicy so it gave the hush puppies some extra flavour. Probably wouldn’t order this again. It was a one time thing so that I could try the chicken fried gator.

Thought I’d throw in a few lunch items for this post as well.

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!! I love fried chicken and I love waffles! I haven’t had that many versions but damn this one is spot on for me!!! I love the sweet honey-butter drizzle on top and the buttermilk marinated chicken is so moist and crispy! It gives that great crunch when you bite in and the waffles are the right thickness and fluffiness. Syrup is offered on the side for the waffles but I didn’t need it due to the waffles being covered in the honey-butter drizzle already as well as whatever chicken grease was left from the chicken. Where do you like to get your chicken and waffles?

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

The Crispy Fried Shrimp Sandwich comes with panko crusted gulf shrimp, smoked paprika aioli, iceberg lettuce and coleslaw on a brioche bun. This was surprisingly good was well and it’s a sandwich with lots of crunch in it! The shrimp was well seasoned and the fries were good but could’ve been seasoned a bit more.

Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

For dessert, you can get the Cafe Du Monde Style Beignets served with a cappuccino anglaise. These are pillowy soft and covered in a generous dusting of powdered sugar. The cappuccino anglaise had a strong coffee flavour to it and it tasted so good with the beignets! It was almost addictive.

I think this is like the third time I’ve blogged about Chewies. You can check my other posts where I went for brunch here and dinner here. I like their Coal Harbour location because it’s a lot more spacious than the Kits location. It’s also a lot newer!

Chewies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sydney Eats-Mr. Crackles

Once I saw photos of the sandwiches from Mr. Crackles with roast pork, I knew that I had to pay them a visit. Mr. Crackles is located in Surry Hills, not too far from the CBD.

Mr. Crackles

The storefront is quite small with only a few bar style seats so you will likely have to take your sandwich to go during peak hours. The seats are too low for the counter though so you will have to stand anyway. Read more

Sydney Eats-Matcha Everything at Chanoma Cafe

As a huge matcha fan, I put Chanoma Cafe on my list of Sydney eats. Located inside Regent Arcade, this place has an extensive dessert menu with all the matcha treats that you can think of from matcha parfaits to soft serves and floats, there’s sure to be something to satisfy your matcha desires.

Chanoma Cafe

Despite all the enticing treats, I was drawn to the large sign advertising Matcha and Azuki (red bean) Soft Serve. Once upon a time, I hated red bean! Hard to believe how my tastes have changed. This soft serve was soft indeed but did not melt too fast and wasn’t too sweet either. The portion was generous and satisfied my sweet tooth. Yum! Read more

Sydney Eats-Chat Thai

Hello! I recently visited Sydney, Australia so I will be posting some of the delicious food I ate there along with some observations about their city compared to Vancouver. I haven’t really traveled all that much so lots of things are new and exciting to me haha

After walking around Sydney for a bit, I realized that there are so many Thai restaurants! It’s akin to how many sushi restaurants Vancouver has. One of the most popular Thai restaurants is Chat Thai. They have multiple locations, a testament to their popularity. I visited the one across from Capitol Square in what is known as Thai Town. I arrived at 6:30pm after watching Finding Dory and there was a huge line up. You put your name down on a list and take a number and wait to be called.

Chat Thai

After waiting 45 mins, we finally got a table! It was a communal table but we didn’t mind.  Read more

Mui Garden-Cheap Lunch Still Exists

We were going for lunch for my mom’s birthday and she was craving Mui Garden so we went to the Main Street location. It looks a bit dated inside but has that HK style diner feel to it. There are booth seats on one side of the restaurant and regular tables on the other side and some larger tables at the back.

Mui Garden

Their lunch menu is really cheap and fairly extensive! I think their prices haven’t increased in the last few years? Everything is less than $10 and some items are like $7.95. AND a hot or cold drink is included! Read more

Congee Noodle House-Dinner

This was my first time at Congee Noodle House for dinner but I’ve had lunch here before. I was ready for some good old Chinese food! We saw that they had different deals where you can pick 3, 4, or 5 dishes etc. off a special dinner menu and it will come with rice, soup, dessert and they will give you a small “free” BBQ dish as well! We had 6 people but we don’t eat a lot so we ordered 4 dishes and it came with half a BBQ duck for around $67.

Congee Noodle House

The first dish we picked was the Stir Fried Beef with Onions. There was lots of tender beef here and lots of onions as advertised. I love onions and you can stir fry them with lots of things! As you can see, it was rather oily but that was to be expected. Instead of giving us individual bowls of rice they just gave us a big bucket and there was more than enough rice for us! Read more

Mister-Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Mister is the newest liquid nitrogen ice cream place in town. Specifically Yaletown and it’s really the second liquid nitrogen ice cream place we have in Vancouver with the first being Lik N2 Ice Cream. Mister has taken over Sweet Bake Shop’s old spot and it’s just across from the skytrain station.


Their store is very minimalistic looking and sparsely decorated. Their logo is equally simple, just a blue pentagon. Mister currently has four flavours: avocado, creme brule, dark chocolate and lemon FY. Seems like there is space on their menu for more new flavours.  Read more

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