The BBT Shop

The BBT Shop

I was really excited when I saw photos of the fancy bubble waffles from the BBT Shop. The BBT Shop is located in the parking lot under Superstore and the location is pretty convenient and there’s always parking! I also grabbed a great window seat for photos. Ok well… the photos still aren’t that great just so you know!

The BBT Shop

We decided on the Supreme Matcha Red Bean Frappe which was pretty much the most expensive drink on the menu at $6.99.There’s red bean at the bottom and green tea ice cream on top along with more red bean and whipped cream. There was a lot going on here and it’s undoubtedly impressive to look at!

The drink was extremely tasty because you can’t go wrong with the green tea and red bean combo! Good thing we shared because this would be like an entire meal for me! You should really mix the red bean at the bottom more though because at the end you won’t be able to suck up the left over red bean with the straw! Yes I speak from experience here.

I can only compare this to Bubble Queen’s drinks and it seems equally good and ok, we did pick the most expensive drink there but quality wise I thought it was good. Not sure if I want to spend that much on a drink again though! They do have cheaper standard bubble tea options.

The BBT Shop

This was the Triple Decker and it was what we were here for! The bubble waffle was nicely presented on a wooden board and topped with whipped cream, strawberries and bananas. A dusting of powdered sugar completed the look. A small dish of Nutella was served on the side. There was plenty of fresh fruit but as I expected, the bubble waffle wasn’t that great. In fact I thought it was pretty bad… it’s suppose to be chewy and soft but this one was just really crunchy on the outside and hollow on the inside. Unfortunately I was disappointed. =(

bubble waffle

Credit: UBC Food Society

For your reference, the inside should look more like the photo above.

So in hindsight, presentation is important but photogenic food is not always better and there are better bubble waffle places like Bubble Queen (matcha mochi bubble waffle anyone?), Bubble Waffle Cafe and this one stall in the Parker Place food court that was pretty good (it may be called Rainbow?). If I’m shopping at Superstore I wouldn’t mind grabbing a drink here.

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Trafiq Bakery and Cafe

Trafiq Bakery and Cafe-Cake for Days

Trafiq Bakery is located on Main and 26th next to The Main. They serve a small selection of lunch items such as sandwiches and quesadillas as well as baked goods and especially cake!

Trafiq Bakery and CafeWe sat in front of the window and there was too much glare to take a picture so that’s why there’s newspaper in the back! This was the Homage to Earl Grey with vanilla cake, bergamot mousse and chocolate ganache. I love anything with Earl Grey so this was a must order item. The vanilla cake was moist and light with a fragrant flavour from the bergamot mousse. The chocolate ganache layer on top of the cake was very silky and smooth. I think I might get this for my birthday! Or some other cake here!

Trafiq Bakery and CafeWe also shared a slice of the Chunky Monkey. This had a very prominent banana flavour and the cake was also as dense as it looks but still retained moisture. Probably because there was so much banana in it? The chocolate swirled throughout the cake went well with the banana. Actually I’m not even sure if you can call this cake… it was just very heavy on bananas like an intense piece of banana bread. You’d be pretty full if you just ate this! It was not bad but I’ll stick to the cakes here!

Trafiq Bakery and Cafe

On a separate visit, I got the Carrot Cake to go. There was quite a bit of sweet cream cheese frosting to cake but it was still yummy and I didn’t mind. The carrot cake was also packed with ingredients!

You must try the cake here!

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Local Public Eatery

Local Public Eatery or Local’s for short, is located right across from Kits beach and also across from Hapa Beach. It’s a sports bar type of place but I ended up here for brunch.

Local Public Eater

I really wanted a burger or sandwich with fries since they looked delicious but I wasn’t even hungry so I got a Chicken Quesadilla. The picture looks very big but it was actually a really small dish and part of their small  plates section. It was also only $6.50 so it was a decent sized snack. It came with Valentina hot sauce, pico de gallo (aka salsa) and feta cheese. The flour tortilla they used was unlike other ones I’ve had before because it was crisp and soft but almost like a flatbread? I liked it though and there was a good amount of chicken filling and the hot sauce was hot.

Local Public EateryThis was the Steak and Eggs served with country potatoes.  The steak was tender and cooked to medium even though we requested medium rare. The potatoes were crisp and well seasoned. Nothing too remarkable here.

If I was hanging out at the beach I wouldn’t mind coming over here for food. We probably didn’t order the right items to evaluate them.

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Beard Papa’s-Waffles!

I am still obsessed with waffles so I was ecstatic when I saw pictures of heart shaped waffles from Beard Papa’s new location! They closed down their stall in Richmond Centre and now they have an actual store in the same complex as London Drugs on No. 3 Road.

The space inside is bright and clean and would be a great place to hang out with friends. There’s also an ample amount of seating as well. With their floor to ceiling windows, it’s easy to entice passerby’s to come in!

Beard Papa's

This was the Green Tea and Matcha Waffle and I’ve seen a lot of pictures of it since Beard Papa’s has opened. I loved how they’re in heart shapes and they were nice and chewy! I would totally come back for this.

Beard Papa's The Green Tea Fondant was not as good though. They display it in their fridge case and then they warm it up for you after you order it so that the fondant is melty although it really was just lukewarm. The cake part was strangely dense and chewy but sorta spongey? The green tea lava inside had a strong green tea flavour as advertised. The cake texture was not appetizing though so I wouldn’t get this again.

In addition to their signature cream puffs, they also have some other desserts in a display case now like small cakes and tiramisu.

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Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh takes reservations for groups of 6 or more so we only waited for 10 mins or so to get a seat which is pretty good considering the hoards of people there for lunch! As usual, it looks pretty hectic in there but service was really fast. Gotta keep that turnover rate up!

Phnom Penh

One of their most popular items is the Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice and you can add an egg for $1 or it could be $1.50… The beef is really smooth and the sauce goes well with the rice. It’s actually not my favourite item here though but it is super popular and a lot of people get it

Phnom Penh

This was one of their Dry Mixed Noodle bowls forgot what was in it… shrimp and Vietnamese pork on rice noodles? I didn’t try this but it looked good.

Phnom Penh

This was the Stewed Beef with Rice Noodles in soup. It came with carrots and the soup had a tomato/carrot flavour to it. The beef brisket was soft and flavourful from the soup. It’s not really my type of soup though so I wouldn’t get it again.

Phnom Penh

And now for the Marinated Butter Beef! This is also a must order item here if you didn’t know already! The beef is lightly seared and there’s a lot of cilantro and I believe balsamic vinegar and it just tastes really good mixed up! You get a lot of the cilantro flavour with the tender beef and the acidity from the vinegar is refreshing. I could probably eat this whole plate all by myself!

Phnom Penh

Finally we can’t forget about the FAMOUS CHICKEN WINGS!!! I’m a huge chicken wing fan and you just can’t go wrong with these. They’re just so crisp and well seasoned and the lemon salt concoction they provide as a dip is really good too. I’m sure I can also devour a whole plate of these…

Overall another delicious meal here with no complaints. Check out my previous post here where I also tried some deep fried frog legs! ;)

My friend and I decided to pop over to Crackle Creme one block over and share an Earl Grey creme brule! They have a lot of flavours now and they all seem equally enticing! I still have so many to try 8)

I love that it’s torched right in front of you and the top makes that satisfying crack as you dig in. The creme brule was bursting with Earl Grey flavour and it was just a heavenly treat.

Crackle Creme

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Joining in on the Pepper Lunch Craze

Pepper Lunch opened in the small complex under London Drugs on No. 3 Road and also conveniently next to Beard Papa’s! I arrived right at 6pm and there was no line up yet phew! However, 15 mins later there was a line up of 10 people. I’m probably the last person to be blogging about them now (although this is a late blog post). The restaurant looks pretty nice with mostly booth seating and large pictures on the wall.

Pepper Lunch

You order at the front and then they tell you which table to go to. They have some pricier premium steak options and you can make it a combo with a soft drink and miso soup for an extra $2.

Pepper Lunch

I had the Pepper Burger Steak which came with some bean sprouts and greens as well as some kind of garlic soy sauce. The plate was sizzling so much it was steaming up my phone camera when I tried to take a picture. I quickly moved the meat onto of the bean sprouts so that it wouldn’t burn and so the bean sprouts could be cooked more. The meat had a distinct peppery flavour and it was really soft. I thought it was similar to the one I had at Suika before but much more peppery and in a good way.

Since my rice came on the side, I added a lot of their honey garlic soy sauce to make it tastier. On the other hand, I probably could’ve just dumped my rice onto the hot plate and mixed it up.

Pepper LunchThis was the Extra Beef Pepper Rice combo with an egg added. The beef and rice definitely tasted peppery! There doesn’t look like a lot of “extra” beef though.

Teppan Kitchen in the Aberdeen food court serves up something very similar (I think I’ve only been to Teppan Kitchen twice so can’t really compare much) but the quality of the meat seems to be slightly better here and there are more options. The food was good but it’s not really something I would usually line up for since I’m not that into sizzling plates but you should give it a try when they’re less busy. I gotta say their service is pretty efficient! Someone quickly clears the table after a group leaves and they also check in on you to see if everything is good.

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Fliptop Filipino Fusion

I’ve always been curious about Fliptop Filipino Fusion’s food (look at that alliteration!). Their brightly decorated purple graffiti truck is bound to turn heads. They are usually parked next to Whole Food’s on Cambie and 8th on Wednesdays so that was where I was headed for lunch last week! They serve some sandwiches, lumpia (Filipino springroll) and also rice bowls.

Fliptop Filipino FusionBehold this majestic sandwich! I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with their signature BBQ sauce topped with Achara (a pickle made from grated papaya according to Google), roasted garlic aioli and crispy leeks. This was served on a Pandesal which is a Filipino sweet bun.

The pile of crispy leeks was nicely seasoned and it was akin to eating onion rings but in small strips. Ok that’s the best comparison I could come up with but they really made this sandwich stand out more. The pulled pork is buried at the bottom and the BBQ sauce was sweet with a slight tang to it. I appreciated the fact that there was enough BBQ sauce but the sandwich wasn’t too wet. I decided to eat this as a deconstructed sandwich so I could eat all the crispy leeks first (and not get my hands dirty)! There probably could have been more pulled pork and less crispy leeks so that it would be more balanced.

Their other sandwiches such as the Thrilla in Manila are a bit pricier at $12 but look really good too so maybe I’ll give it a go one day.

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Beta5: Cream Puff Time!

Beta5 is a well established chocolatier but they also make amazing cream puffs! I’m not a gourmet chocolate person though so I have yet to try their chocolates but maybe someday soon. When you open the door to the store, it smells really sweet and yummy!

Beta5 Cream Puffs

You can pre-order the cream puffs that you want ahead of time to make sure that they are available when you arrive because sometimes they do sell out of certain flavours. From left to right: S’mores, Vietnamese Coffee, Vanilla and Coconut Passionfruit. The creampuffs are $4.50 each but if you order 4, it’s $16.

Beta5 Cream Puffs

I had the S’mores and it was topped with a roasted marshmallow on top. The inside had a rich and creamy dark chocolate filling as well as a milk chocolate filling. It really was like eating a s’more!

I’m pretty sure that eating these will turn you into a cream puff enthusiast if you weren’t already! I sampled some of the other flavours as well and they all tasted as advertised. The vanilla felt a bit plain though but it’s vanilla so yeah. I still recommend everything!!! If you like ice cream sandwiches then you really must try Beta5’s version in the summer. Read about them here! Also read about my last cream puff visit here.

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Icy Bar-So Cool!

Hello! Ok excuse my lame pun in the title… I met up with some of my former co-workers for dinner at Sushi Bella and then we went to Icy Bar for dessert! Icy Bar is a shaved ice and dessert cafe similar to Mango Yummy in Richmond but Icy Bar has been around for a lot longer. They also have locations in Richmond but the one we went to was on Kingsway.

You can get 8 toppings on your shaved ice for $8 or 4 toppings for $6.50. We decided to get two of the 4 topping shaved ice. If you order the 8 topping option, they’ll give you more ice in proportion to all the toppings. Or that’s what it looked like when I saw other tables ordering it.

Icy BarThis had mango, glutinous black rice, red bean and taro mochi.

Icy BarThis one had pearls, lychee, strawberry and green tea mochi.

The best part about Icy Bar is that they give you your own squeeze tube/bottle of condensed milk!!! WE USED A LOT. We practically drank it but it was awesome! =D Usually they charge you more for condensed milk.

Icy Bar

We also ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side for $2. It melted super fast… wasn’t the best ice cream and I’m not sure why I got it on the side and not on top… but they offered to give it to me on the side so I was like ok. I don’t think I would need ice cream next time anyway so I can save $2!

By the way, the ice is not flavoured but the texture was good. The toppings were all delicious and came with a generous amount. Nothing to complain about! I bet all the condensed milk we dumped on it helped!

It’s also a nice place to hang out with friends here! The store is not super tiny like Mango Yummy so it’d be a lot easier to get a table. They also serve drinks, tofu pudding and hot soup desserts.

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Lunch at Sura Korean Restaurant

I’ve finally tried the famous lunch set at Sura Korean Restaurant! This was my first time at their downtown location but I’ve been to their Richmond location in Aberdeen Mall twice now. We also just beat the lunch rush here, so far so good! We actually decided to go to Sura after we tried to go to the Ramen Butcher for their $5 soft opening special but the line was ridiculously long.

We ordered the $15 lunch set which comes with a lot of food. You need to order a minimum of 2 sets per table. We had 3 people so we had 3 sets. Sorry this was a while ago so I don’t quite remember everything!

Sura Korean Restaurant

Everyone starts off with a bowl of congee! More flavourful than I expected since I’m not a congee fan.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Spicy Squid Salad. I liked the addictive spiciness.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Green Salad

Sura Korean Restaurant

Bulgogi! Meat was tender and the sauce was good. I liked how it came with some veggies.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Mung bean jelly with salad but it didn’t have any flavour except for the spicy sauce on top of it. It was just like eating jello.

Sura Korean RestaurantHerb Pork Belly/Bossam. Tender and fatty!

Sura Korean Restaurant

Grilled Atlantic Croaker. Lots of bones and fishy. Gotta eat this really carefully!

Sura Korean Restaurant

Nam Yang Chicken (sweet and sour fried chicken or it could’ve been pork…) I love sweet and sour stuff so this was one of my favourite dishes.

Sura Korean Restaurant

Potato Pancake

Sura Korean Restaurant

Tofu Jjigae? 

At the end of the meal we were served some Korean rice punch which I’ve never had before. It was mostly like a sweet tasting sugar water with some rice particles.

We each got a bowl of rice too. I liked that there was a variety of food and we were stuffed after the meal. The food just kept coming! The price is also pretty good if you want to sample a variety of Korean cuisine. The dishes aren’t big but there’s enough to fill you up.

They also have a $20 lunch set with some more expensive items. See my previous review for dinner at Sura Korean Restaurant here.

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