Sugarholic Cafe-Revisit

When Sugarholic Cafe first opened, I had some doubts about them but they seem like they may be here to stay. I did say that I was willing to come back and try some of their other items.

Their menu is a fusion of Asian and Western dishes. I love that their menu has pictures! The restaurant decor is very cutesy too.

Sugarholic Cafe

The Seafood Pizza Waffle sounded delicious on the menu and the picture looked appetizing too so we decided to try it. The waffle is topped with small pieces of shrimp and scallop as well as pizza sauce and some cheese and mayo drizzled over it.

I was pretty excited for this but there was just wayyy too much pizza sauce and it was too overwhelming! That’s pretty much all you can taste. The waffle was kind of like a mochi waffle and very chewy so this was a very filling dish. I still kind of think the texture of the waffle is a bit weird but it’s not bad. I think they can tone down the pasta sauce so that the focus can be on the seafood more and maybe add more cheese?  Continue reading

UYU Ice Cream

UYU Ice Cream opened over the summer and they’ve been getting rave reviews! I’ve seen them all over my Instagram feed with their weekly rotation of flavours. I actually went after I ate lunch at Tacofino (despite being super full already). I couldn’t help it since it was like two blocks away! #foodieproblems

The store is pretty minimalistic looking and according to what I’ve read, they didn’t have any seating at all before but when I was there, they seem to have added two small benches along the walls now.

I’ve seen a lot of flavours that I would like to try and on the day I went they had Earl Grey! Yay! It’s probably one of my favourite flavours of anything!

UYU Ice Cream Continue reading

720 Sweets-The Soft Serve Craze Continues

Disclaimer: All food was complimentary but opinions are my own

720 Sweets sent me an invite to try some of their soft serve last month and even before I went, my Instagram was flooded with pictures of their fancy looking soft serve surrounded by dry ice. I love ice cream so I was super excited for this!

The store is located on Broadway and Blenheim and the interior is narrow but has about 10 seats at the front.

720 Sweets Continue reading

Sushi Hoon

I was looking for a new sushi place in my neighbourhood on Yelp when I came across Sushi Hoon. The reviews were above average so I decided to give them a go. They are located on Granville and 64th next to where Bubble World used to be.

Sushi Hoon

The interior looks more modern and spacious that you might guess from looking at the outside. Continue reading

Nice Cafe-Cheap Diner Brunch

Nice Cafe is located on 8th and Main around the corner from the 8th and Main store. It’s very easy to miss since it’s on the side street but it’s across from 8 1/2 Restaurant and Lounge if that helps. This is the definition of a greasy diner joint. We went on a warm day but it was super stuffy inside so we opted to sit outside where it was much cooler. It was only 20 degrees or so though so I don’t know how they survive in there when it’s 30 degrees.

Nice Cafe

I wasn’t particularly hungry and I was just accompanying my friend so I ordered a Chocolate Milkshake. It came with some generic whipped cream like the kind from a can but the milkshake itself was very good! Chocolatey but not too sweet. I ended up drinking a lot more than I expected to. Continue reading

Sushi Loku

Sushi Loku is on the corner of Saint George St. and E. Broadway. The building kind of looks like a house so it could be easy to miss.

Sushi Loku

We started off with the Sushi Pizza which is made with crispy deep fried rice topped with either salmon or tuna and avocado. There was also a fried garlic chip on each piece. We enjoyed the crispy texture of the rice with the fresh fish. They also have a Volcano version of this which is spicy.  Continue reading

Free Tickets to Tea Sparrow’s 2nd Annual Tea Off

Disclaimer: Tea Sparrow has provided me with complimentary tickets to their Tea Off event

Hello Fellow Tea Drinkers!

Tea Sparrow, a monthly subscription tea box service, has kindly provided me with tickets for my followers and anyone who would like to sample some tea! There will be 18 different teas to try! Just show the Groupon in the link below (admission for two)!

Ticket 2nd Annual Tea-Off!

Date: Sunday, October 25, 2015

Time: 11am-5pm

Address: Heritage Hall

3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7

You will be provided with your own tea cup and basically walk around to each table and sample all the different teas. For more information, please visit their website.

Read my review of one of their monthly tea boxes here.


Campagnolo is on Main Street just before Chinatown and very close to the new Torafuku! I’ve been wanting to go to Campagnolo for a while since I had pasta cravings but when I was actually there, we ended up ordering no pasta and had risotto instead.


They give you some cheese, chili pepper flakes and some kind of herb on a side plate so that you can use it on your pizza or pasta. Continue reading