Sweetery Cafe and Dessert

I used to work near Sweetery Cafe but I never ended up blogging about it so here it is! It’s in between the Olympic Village skytrain station and Olympic Village. The area is industrial but new restaurants and breweries have been popping up as well as more condos. They’re only open Monday to Friday though and I see conflicting times on when they’re closed but I’m pretty sure they close at 5pm ( EDIT: they now open on Saturdays too! Check out Foodology’s post here.) In addition to dessert, Sweetery also serves soups and sandwiches for lunch. Their lunch special can be found on their Facebook page.

Sweetery Cafe and Bakery

Instead of serving their Carrot Loaf in slices, they come in these mini loaves with cream cheese frosting on top. This was a good version with walnuts and raisins and the inside was moist. The amount of frosting was also generous. Continue reading

Torafuku-Presentation on Point

The owners of food truck Le Tigre finally opened up a brick and mortar location last summer and it received a lot of buzz. I finally had the chance to check it out in the up and coming neighbourhood near the edge of Chinatown. I had heard about how busy they were so I made sure to go super early. The day I went was dreary and rainy so I was actually their first customer! I’m just an eager beaver when it comes to food.


The plate was a really artsy looking piece of wood. Continue reading

Sushi Aria

I saw that a new sushi restaurant had opened where Luv Cravings used to be on Cambie and King Edward. It’s also sandwiched between Corner 23 and Copa Cafe. Since it’s fairly new, it was empty when we went but we decided to try it anyway because I’m a food blogger and that’s what I do! Also I read on Raymond’s Sushi Adventures that it was not bad. The restaurant has a lot of booth seating.

Sushi Aria

The first roll we received was the Caribbean roll which was basically like a rainbow roll but with tamago inside. It was nicely constructed but it just seemed kind of dry? Or it was more evident that the rice was bland and could’ve used more vinegar? Maybe I’m just too used to rolls drenched in sauce these days.  Continue reading

Via Tevere Neapolitan Express-Wood-Fired Pizza Sandwiches

My co-worker recommended that I try the wood-fired pizza sandwiches from Via Tevere. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing so I was quite curious! I had never investigated this food truck before since I assumed they sold pizza but turns out it’s all wood-fired sandwiches.

Via Tevere Neapolitan Express

They offer four different types of sandwiches and they only accept cash! These “saltimbocca” sandwiches are cooked in a 900 degree woodfire oven and that gives the bread the same qualities as a pizza crust.  Continue reading

Bubble Fruity

I met up with an old high school friend and she suggested we all go to Bubble Fruity for dessert after dinner. I had heard of Bubble Fruity but I never knew where it was. Turns out it’s super close to Richmond Centre on Saba Road and a block away from the Canada Line. Bubble Fruity specializes in Asian desserts like black sesame rice balls, red bean soup and tofu pudding etc.

The lighting was terrible so all my pictures suck. They were playing a TVB drama on a TV hung on the wall and we noticed that there were a lot of mainlanders there.

Bubble FruityThis was the Mango Sago soup? Is this called a soup? It was a nice big bowl for about $5 and you can get it hot or cold. The texture was thick and creamy and they added some basil seeds on top. To be honest, the basil seeds look really weird to me… like my soup has a lot of eyes looking at me or something. Is it just me?! =S Not sure if they used fresh mango though. I also tried the Durian version of this cold (sorry no picture). Continue reading

Marulilu Cafe

I’ve passed by the cozy looking Marulilu Cafe many time before and I finally went! It’s right across from the Broadway and Cambie Canada Line station. The space inside is a bit tight and you order and pay at the counter first and they will bring the food to you. You can also help yourself to some water on the counter.

Marulilu Cafe

Most of their menu items are less than $10, especially some of their breakfast items. They also have a wide variety of drinks like lavender lattes! Their daily dessert selection is available in their display case at the front. Continue reading

Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine-Bring on the Haianese Chicken!

I was looking for a new Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant to try and I came across Prata-Man. Located in the corner of the small plaza on Garden City and Capstan Way, I had never really paid it much attention even though I drive by all the time. I didn’t think the old fashioned and worn out signage were going to yield delicious food but I was wrong.

The interior was very plain with menu boards on the wall and simple furniture. There were multiple signs talking about their Haianese chicken combos so we had to try it. While we were still deciding what to order, our server already asked if we wanted to place an order for the Haianese chicken first so we decided to get half a chicken which came with three bowls of oil rice as well as three bowls of their house soup.

Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine

The soup was a light broth with some… carrots or yam (can’t remember now and I didn’t actually eat them)? It also had a strong ginger flavour to it but it was tasty and warmed us up. Continue reading

Lisa Marie-Toronto

Lisa Marie is a restaurant/bar and my friend was meeting her friend here so she brought me along too! We didn’t have a reservation so there was a bit of a wait. Almost all their tables are high counters with bar stools. After almost an hour we got a table!

Everything on the brunch menu sounded delicious from the Double Pancake Pork Burger to the Fried Cornish Hen and Cornbread Waffles.

Lisa Marie

This was the Lamb Shank’n Hash with with sauteed red onions, peppers, potatoes and two sunny side up eggs on top. The dish arrived in a large pan and pretty much any braised meat is good! I only had a small bite of this. Continue reading