Beefy Beef Noodle House

Hell yes…just the name screams MAN CAFE doesn’t it XD.  Beefy Beef Noodle House is a restaurant on Main and King Edward.  It looks sort of small from the outside, but it can actually seat quite a few people inside.  The decor is okay, nothing special, but the food is fantastic.  Even though the name sounds like it only serves beefy beef noodles, I assure you they serve a lot more other things.  They have noodles, fried rice, a bunch of appetizers, drinks and other specialty items.  I went today and got one of my favorite dishes;

So fattening...but oh so good.

Egg Swirl and Beef Fried Rice…or something along those lines.  I’m sorry, the Chinese to English translations in restaurants have never been very good.  In the end…everything just sounds generic.  I wish I had paid more attention in Chinese School.  Well actually I could read this item just fine, but if I were to go, “Wat Dan Ou Yok Chau Fan”, that isn’t very helpful is it?

For all you Hot and Sour Soup lovers, they have this dish where they give you a giant bowl filled with soup and noodles.  I love Hot and Sour Soup, but since just soup doesn’t fill me up, this is an awesome dish.  Its quite a large portion too, since soup is liquid and my Uni-level science skills taught me that liquid takes up more room than solids.  *Crosses arms and nods wisely*  So be prepared if you order this.  You have been forewarned.

One of their appetizers I totally recommend, is their peppery fried chicken nuggets.  They’re finger lickin’ good.  Oh I hope I don’t get sued for using that line.  Anyway, I love Siu Long Bao, aka Pork Dumplings.  Honestly doesn’t it sound cooler in Canto?  That versus just…Pork…Dumplings.   They also serve it here and it’s pretty good, but like most places, sort of pricey as its almost a dollar a piece.  Well just once won’t hurt, besides I saved half price at Sanafir, so I can afford to splurge a little here…even though I can net a huge bag of this stuff for cheap at somewhere like T&T.  Well…it wouldn’t be the same.  Oh they also have a bunch of milk tea, slush, bubble tea, type drinks too.  I’ll go again and grab more pictures too some time in the future.

– Wavayto

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