Enjoy 1+1 Cafe

Another day at a typical HK style cafe. This time we went to Enjoy 1+1 Cafe. I have no idea why they wanted to named it that.  We arrived around 1 and were quickly seated at a booth. After pondering the menu for quite a while, I settled on a preserved/pickled vegetables and duck fried rice with a cold milk tea. I was tempted to get my usual Thai style chicken fried rice but I decided to try something else for a change.  My first comment is that there were no preserved vegetables in sight! But it was certainly salty enough and I guess there was enough duck in it. It had a good mix of green beans and egg as well. I really shouldn’t complain since it cost $7.50 after all and the portion was pretty big for me since I ended up talking half of it home. That’s like two meals for me! Also it’s one of the reasons why I like HK style cafes. :) The milk tea was pretty good too.

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