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First food post!

I’ve been to I cafe at twice before but it’s been awhile! On a cloudy Vancouver afternoon, it looked pretty nice inside, clean and modern looking. It was much better than I remembered for some reason. It was pretty empty still at 11:45am but it quickly filled up after that. I wasn’t feeling that hungry yet so I had the avocado shrimp sandwich. It definitely had enough avocado in it but lacked the shrimp part but it was $6.50 so that was to be expected. It also had some lettuce in it and thousand island dressing I think? The avocado was ripe enough and the lettuce gave it a nice crunch. The fries were crispy enough but lacked seasoning. I guess that was what the salt shaker at the table was for. I love fries so I was a bit disappointed. Hmm there could have been more fries too…¬†Would I be considered picky if I think the ketchup was slightly more runny than usual? Just slightly ^^” The service was the usual for a HK style cafe and quite speedy since it wasn’t very busy yet. Prices for some menu items might be on the high side though. Must try their desserts sometime too!

Yay for good picture lighting because we were seated by the windows. :)

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