Jethro’s Fine Grub

Yay I’m done exams! And of course the first thing I do is go out and eat hehehe So my friend and I met up for some brunch at Jethro’s Fine Grub.

When we got there at around 11am it was full already. Not that I’m surprised since the restaurant is really small, more like what you would call a hole in the wall type of place. There were only about 7 tables inside. As we waited for a table more and more people came and lined up. Luckily they post their menu outside the door so that people outside can decide on what to order first. Finally after waiting for 45mins-1hr we got a table right next to the window. It was a bit awkward at first since I was aware that the line of people outside would be staring at us. But by the time the food came I was too hungry to care. I ordered the Chocolate chip banana bread french toast. Doesn’t that sound scrumptious already?

The french toast came with carmelized bananas, powdered sugar and a giant lump of butter in the middle. At first I had no idea that it was butter so I decided to take a bite… not a good idea =_________=” I decided to move the butter to the side since it seemed pretty fattening. The melted butter that did end up on the banana bread made it taste saltier so if you like that you can keep your butter. Β There was a lot of chocolate chips in this! It felt more like I was eating dessert for lunch instead. It wasn’t too dense and I was full after three pieces. I noticed that a lot of people ended up taking their food to go too. Their pancakes were enormous!!! O__O Gotta try them sometime! This dish was $10.

My friend got the Nutella french toast for $10 and added bananas for $2. This was Challah bread with nutella spread and topped with a huge pile of whipped cream. The bananas are underneath the whipped cream. The french toast was not too egg-y and really soft! And it wasn’t overwhelmed with nutella spread either although I think they could have used a bit more since I have quite the sweet tooth. ;) They also gave us syrup but we didn’t end up using it.

Overall a nice place for breakfast and lunch. I would come back to try their pancakes sometime. Although not anytime soon since I hate waiting… By the way, they’re only open till 4pm for breakfast and lunch.


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