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Do you like lamb chops?  I like lamp chops.  Well…one’s that are cooked good anyway.  You know how some places, they give you the lamp chops and they still smell…lamb-y?  Okay that’s not a word, but some people say they have this taste or smell to them that’s unappealing.  To those people…sigh, that sucks, because the lamb chops at Kirin we’re pretty damn well cooked.  They were soft and tender, one of the few times I can say the cliche line “The meat just melted in my mouth”, and mean it.  The meat just slid right off the bone there.  Price wise, it was approximately fifty dollars?  I’m not sure cause I went with my family so you know…parents paid…hahaha…which works well for me since my money goes to my education…and various other things like anime and video games, but I assure you…mostly education… =D.

Lamb-tastic! So I'm not the best iPhone photographer in the me they taste better than they look.

There were like twelve of us and after everyone took some there was enough for another round, so it wasn’t a bad deal for fifty-ish dollars, or so I was told.  We also tried something else that I like to call, “Chicken in a Tub.”  Why?  Just take a peek at the poorly taken photo below.  It tasted alright, the appearance more appealing then the taste really as I didn’t think it was anything special.  Dunno the cost of this one though sorry.

I dunno the real name, sorry. Pretty unique way to serve chicken. It's basking in some sauce down there. Maybe I should call this Chicken Sauna or something instead.

A long time ago I also tried their fresh live prawns.  It was fantastic, like Heavenly.  They weren’t fried or anything, they were served as is with dipping sauce and Oh-em-gee, they were so good.  Big and juicy, delectable, but I recall they were quite pricey though the serving size was fair.  I don’t have a picture because back then I was young and naive and played PSP at dinners when ever I wasn’t eating.  DJ Max Portable ftw!

– Wavayto

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