Qoola Oakridge

So I had just one more day before I was done exams and after going to a review session I decided to stop by Oakridge. Lo and behold, the new Qoola was finally open! It looked really new and fresh and modern (of course because it was new). When I walked in a sales associated offered me a sample and I tried the strawberry banana. They had about 6-8 flavours there. It was similar to what they offer at their other locations. I chose the strawberry banana, chocolate and mango tango sorbet. They all have about 75-110 calories per 100g? Something like that. But it doesn’t help you lose weight if you fill up the whole bowl =.=” For my toppings I picked some chocolate shavings, sprinkles, yogurt chips and mochi. They even had coloured mochi! I felt like I filled up most of my container and the total came to $5.34 so it’s a pretty good price if you don’t fill up your bowl with heavy fruits. While I was there I noticed that most of the clientele were women too. It’s definitely hard to choose between frozen yogurt here and gelato at Vivo! Gelato which is almost right across from them! Oh and Yogen Fruz but I was never a big fan of them.


~ Chubbybunny077

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