In between exams we decided to take a break and go out. Well someone was done exams already cough cough >.> I remembered that Sanafir had 50% off their entire menu on Tuesdays and I also heard about their dining beds so I made a reservation for that. When we arrived it wasn’t  busy yet at 6:30pm nor did it really get busy during our visit either. We were promptly led to our bed on the second floor and little did we know… it was actually a bed! O__O” I expected more of a large couch or something. It was quite a surprise for us… There were four dining beds upstairs and some tables where they had more of a couch/mat layout.

Okay one comment I really have to make! THE RESTAURANT WAS REAAAALLY DARK!!! I didn’t even notice that the cushions were coloured like that until I looked at the pictures … =______= but I guess everything did look better in the dark and the ambiance was really nice and that’s what you’re really paying for anyway.

We decided on sharing the Mezze Platter and the Ahi Tuna for an appetizer.

The Ahi Tuna smelled really good! I wish there were more pieces! Unfortunately it was too dark to see anything while I was there so good thing I took pictures! It was served on a bed of roasted cauliflower with bacon, olives, and mustard vinaigrette according to the menu.

Different Angle!

The Mezze Platter from different angles. It’s $24.95 per person but good thing it was 50% off. 

Here’s a description of what we had on the platter.

My favourite items were the short rib crostini, the lamb and the black pepper calamari. The short ribs came with fried onions and some bbq? sauce but they didn’t seem to be on a crostini. I can’t be sure since it was so dark. The calamari was  not deep fried and it was thick and not too chewy. It was served with some tatziki sauce and thin slices of red onion and red peppers. I can’t really say much about the lamb since I can’t quite describe the flavour. I’m not a lamb expert but it was really soft!

The Mediterranean ribs were seasoned with salt and pepper I think but there wasn’t a lot of meat on the bones. It was mostly bones actually. The watermelon in the salad was salted and I’ve never tried that before but I think I prefer it without the salt. I have no idea what valdeon salad is suppose to be like but it was a bunch of leaves with some vinaigrette to me.

I’ve never had a vegetable pakora before and the texture was similar to that of the tuna confit crostini. After looking it up on wikipedia I found out what a pakora was.

“Pakoras are created by taking one or two ingredients such as onion, eggplant, potato,spinach, plantain, paneer, cauliflower, tomato, chilli, or occasionally bread[2]or chicken and dipping them in a batter of gram flour and then deep-frying them. ” – Wikipedia

Ok I’m pretty sure it was not deep fried and I really can’t tell what was in it but there were some fried onions decorating the top and it was a bit salty. I wish it wasn’t so dark in there!!!

The tuna confit crostini was pretty much like tuna salad on some bread. Not much to talk about.

Lastly there was the black quinoa salad and I don’t think I’ve had quinoa before.  It didn’t taste particularly exciting either. Well to me at least. I think I prefer traditional salads more.

The service was good, our water was refilled a few times and we had a nice view of the first floor too. I would definitely come back again on another Tuesday but otherwise I don’t think I can afford exotic food here. I really liked the ambiance  (I’m a sucker for ambiance) but it was way too dark where we were seated.

Overall a great place for a hot date if you reserve their dining beds ;)


Ah so as my friend here beat me to it…OMG IT WAS ACTUALLY A BED!? O.o  Sorry…had to let that out.  I was taken by surprise myself, although I’m sure no one knew I was surprised because of my awesome poker face that always gets me eliminated within the first round with my cousins.

I’d love to describe the food, but the only time I knew what I was eating was with the Ahi Tuna.  It was great, moist, tender, delicious.  Since we had no clue what to order we just grabbed that platter and thank God for half price Tuesdays.  To be honest, the place wasn’t very crowded though.  I mean I guess it was filled to a decent capacity, but at half price, I expected a lot more customers.  I’ll leave what my partner said to describe the rest of the food, as I just ate…and ate…and ate…cause it was delicious…really…really…oishi…desu.  Yeah I just had to say that.

It was dark, but they had candles…real candles!  Ain’t that romantic?  My friend freaked out thinking she might spill it and set the place on fire and get us all killed, but hey at least our last meal would have been scrumptious.  Hahaha…okay too morbid.  Anyway, it wasn’t as dark as my friend makes it sound.  She just has an aversion to the dark, but then again since my house itself is mostly bathed in darkness…maybe that’s why I didn’t think it was that dark.  As she said though, perfect for the romantic types out there.  Go ahead and try it…on a Tuesday mind you.

Apparently they have live entertainment, like belly dancers and what not.  There was no one on Tuesday though.   The service was pretty good, the waiters are friendly, I believe one of the higher ups, perhaps the assistant manager, even came to ask us himself how things were going.  All in all this place is worth a trip, especially if its half price, if not…well it’s your wallet.

– Wavayto


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