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How can you call a food blog a food blog unless you mention all you can eat sushi?  Okay fine, most places ain’t that spectacular.  Shabusen’s not bad I guess.  At least they don’t stuff you rolls with rice to stuffing ratios of 100:1 unlike some other places around town that shall remain anonymous.  We over killed the sashimi as is per requirement of eating at AYCE places.  The price was 30$ per person, kinda steep, but no regulations on the amount of raw stuff we ordered.  The BBQ was pretty good, the short ribs and stuff wasn’t fat heavy and tasted pretty good even with my friends eccentric cooking technique of throwing raw meat where ever and when ever a burst of flames appeared on the grill.  I have to say though, the spicy sashimi doesn’t look very appetizing thrown together and chopped up like that.  One of the guys thought they gave us left over scraps lol.  Then again, being an AYCE place, guess we shouldn’t be expecting culinary masterpieces.  All in all, I think Shabusen isn’t bad for an AYCE, at least the waiters and waitresses responded to us in a timely fashion, albeit not as polite and courteously as you’d like, but when they’re carrying their weight in rice, soup, and raw meat, I rather they focus on that then batting their eye lashes and saying sweet nothings.  Not a bad place to go for large group gatherings if you reserve.

– Wavayto

Meat, all a guy really needs in AYCE right!? XD
Great...looking at this makes me want more...even though I still feel bloated.
Oh swell...that did it. Time for a quick fix...Chirashi-don at Samurai's!

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