Teppan Kitchen – Aberdeen

After hearing a lot of good reviews about Teppan Kitchen I finally got a chance to try it. A lot of the dishes looked the same since they were all covered in sauce and only the meat part was different. I ordered the grilled pork cheek teppan. There were also some extra sauces on the side that you could get so I tried the garlic butter soy one. It turned out that it was the same sauce used on my dish anyway so I didn’t even end up using it. The grilled pork cheek came with a lot of rice on a sizzling hot plate. Then they covered the sides with a piece of paper so that the sizzling sauce wouldn’t splatter everywhere. It smelled really good too! I really like sauce and there was definitely a lot of sauce on this! Maybe even too much for me… the sauce had a slight citrus taste? It wasn’t like anything that I’ve tried before but it was interesting. The rice came topped with corn and some green onions. The grilled pork cheek was nice and crunchy and it had some stuff sprinkled on it not sure what it was but it was salty. There was a good amount of pork and lots of rice. This cost about $8. I’m definitely willing to try their other menu items sometime.

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