Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

Another day of eating out after exams! This time we went to Tokyo Joe’s  Sushi Factory. I’ve been here a few times before and I found it from reading other reviews. It’s a small hole in the wall type place so don’t expect much in terms of furnishings. However,  it was really busy on a Thursday night. We had three people and ended up at a two person table not that we really minded. I really like this place because it’s so affordable and they have a pretty good selection of menu items. Oh and they also have free miso soup! Just help yourself :)

We started off with some appetizers like takoyaki and agedashi tofu. I thought the batter for the tofu was a bit atypical though. It seemed more stretchy or chewy somehow?

Then we ordered a spicy combo with spicy chopped scallop roll and spicy tuna roll. This was for $7.95 I think.

Then we ordered more rolls! From left to right: Unagi Roll, Alaska Roll, Crazy Roll (spicy tuna and shrimp tempura)

From left to right: Yam and cream cheese roll, House roll, smoked salmon and cream cheese roll

When we were almost finished, the waitress came over with some deep fried gyozas for us on the house! She felt bad that we had to be squished at such a small table so I thought that was really nice! ^^ Bonus customer service points. Nothing like free stuff to make my day ;)

While we were eating a lot of customers came in to get take out orders. Our total came to about $52. The only thing about their rolls is that they seem to be wrapped less tightly for some reason so they’re more prone to falling apart in my opinion. I will try their ramen store next time!

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