Cake From Osaka Supermarket – Yaohan

As I previously mentioned, we celebrated my mom and my brother’s birthday together. So I pre ordered a cake from the bakery at Osaka Supermarket in Yaohan. They have really nice boxes for their cakes too. If you pre order they give you 10% off the cake. I chose a chocolate blueberry cake because the shape was unconventional. It was either that or a chocolate banana cake. Yes I have a thing for chocolate… ^^ The cake was $22.49 for 8″ after the discount. Sometimes they have cute animal head shaped cakes like hello kitty or Doraemon and you can pre order those too.

The top was coated with cocoa powder and the fruit were all really fresh. The cake was chocolate and the filling was a blueberry jam/jelly in between the cake layers. The cocoa was a bit wet from the fruit though so that’s why there’s that dark patch on the cake. I think the cake was cheaper because there wasn’t real fruit filling in it. But I liked it anyway. I think I care more about how it looks than how it tastes… it was appropriately sweet and the filling didn’t taste weird since I’ve never had blueberry in a cake before I was worried about that. I think we should have gotten a 6″ one since we’ve been eating the cake for 5 days now but don’t worry we picked off all the fruit first so they don’t go bad.


What did you think?