Dessert Dynasty

At work I noticed that a lot of people were going to Dessert Dynasty for bbt during their breaks so I decided to try it too. It’s located on the first floor of Metrotown in a corner next to T&T. When I walked in I noticed that they also sold dragon’s beard candy and bubble waffle! They also had shaved ice, crepes and “sharkfin soup”. They also had a nice flashy digital menu too. I got a sesame slush bbt with pearls for $4.82.

The drink was pretty sweet and there wasn’t thaaaat much sesame flavour but the pearls were good.

This lady came and asked to share my table since there were only about 8 seats there and I said sure. After she left this other girl decides to sit down and she had a bowl of the fake sharkfin soup! Soooo I secretly took a picture… hehehe

Not a great picture since I was trying to be stealthy xD

Ok the bbt was average I guess but I’m not picky and I’ll come back to try the bubble waffles another time!


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