Enjoy 1+1 Cafe

So guess who failed at getting their passport the first time T____T I’m never going to hear the end of this from my parents >.> They will turn it into a wonderful life lesson that’s applicable to EVERYTHING. At least I didn’t have to wait too long… :S Then I had an awkward lunch with my dad… whoppee.

The usual cold milk tea!

Malaysian fried rice? I really liked this! ^^ It had ample shrimp and some pork that tasted like it had some of that shrimp paste flavour? And there was the usual egg and snow pea bits and pieces.

Satay beef with rice noodles. Interestingly this had some pineapple in it. This also had a lot of sauce which could be good if you like sauce? But I was expecting it to be a bit drier and more pan fried since I had a different version at Alleluia Cafe. But this was still good! (I think I may have low expectations though sometimes…) Anyway these two dishes both cost $7.95 yay cheap food and my dad paid too. ;)

It wasn’t busy at 1:30pm so awkward lunch was not extended. When we asked for a take out box the waiter only gave us one for some reason and we had to ask for another one because there’s so much sauce from the noodles it’d make the rice soggy…

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