Guu – Aberdeen Center

Guu is a pretty interesting place to try out.  It’s one of those Japanese restaurants where the waitresses/waiters yell out the orders to a rousing chorus of approvals or repeats from the kitchen staff.  That being said, if you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind after working 8 hours for minimum wage…don’t go here…cause not only do they shout, but the prices aren’t as cheap as you’d like working for minimum.

Well, Guu isn’t that expensive, but I certainly wouldn’t call it cheap either.  However, the food is well worth it because its simply delicious.  Apparently, each Guu boosts special items exclusive to only that location, so if you’re a major fan, (or become one after trying it) you should definitely check out the other places.  Anyway, listening to me rant must suck, so here are the food pictures;

Good stuff, careful though it might roll away and wham…there goes one hour of work…okay it’s not that expensive

So what is that?  In all honesty I forgot.  It’s some pumpkin…egg…thingy…okay forget the name just order it…its good!  Good luck cutting it up without it crumbling though.  Some people might find it slightly too dry for their liking, but I thought it was okay.

Octopus Balls, no weird thoughts please!

Takoyaki!  My favorite food!  The skin was crisp, the batter and filling perfect, and the octopus ball, not huge, but a fairly decent size.  For their size, presentation and quality, their price of around 3-4 dollars isn’t a bad value.

My friend’s lunch box

My lunchbox!

The lunch boxes Guu offers are a decent value.  You get a fair bit, generally some rice, some sushi, a few slices of sashimi, then depending on what you order, skewers, tempura or the like.  Tasty,, not a bad presentation and fairly filling.

All in all I had a pretty good experience, though we went at a time when the restaurant wasn’t full so I don’t know how the service holds up when things heat up.  The bill for the two of us totaled 42$ with tax and 10% tips so you decided if its on the slightly more expensive end, or the fair end as everything we ordered is up there.  Now that it’s summer the night markets should be starting up which means…time to sample more Takoyaki!

– Wavayto

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