Ho Yuen Kee 何源記

Okaaaay I’m really eating out too much for my own good. This time we were celebrating my mom and my brother’s birthday together. My mom wanted to go to Ho Yuen Kee on Fraser so that’s where we ended up. We booked a table for 6:30pm and arrived ten mins late and the host told me that they almost gave our table away. We were seated at a booth and I saw that a table nearby was having their famous lobster sticky rice so I convinced my parents to try it. The lobster was about $19/lb and then you add on $7.75 for the sticky rice. Our lobster was a bit over 2 pounds. .

Okay I think they had a bit too much msg in this because as much as I like salty things I thought this was obviously too much but hey it did taste good! The waiters came to change our dishes promptly after.

Close up of the rice! It wasn’t too sticky and the corn was really sweet.

Shredded chicken with jellyfish. One of my fave dishes! I think it was a good balance of chicken and jellyfish etc. I love how there are a whole bunch of things in this dish. The presentation was nice too.

This was pea sprouts with abalone mushrooms. It was good a bit oily but then I find that most places are like that.

Peking style pork chops. My other fave :D We always order this. This had a lot of meat and it was quite tender.

Red bean and green bean soup. Not a fan of the beans but the soup part was good. Appropriately sweet.

Our total came to $111. There was a consistent line up so reservations are a good idea! I tried not to eat too much since I was saving room for cake :D but it was a solid meal!


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  1. Yum! The lobster with sticky rice looks really good! However, I’m used to seeing it in a darker colour with the 老抽. But boy, these pictures are making me hungry :P

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