Where does one go when one is craving for pancakes? Why the International House of Pancakes of course! Ok no this is only my second visit here ever and I’m sure there are plenty of other breakfast joints out there (Jethro’s Fine Grub anyone?). But anyway, we showed up around noon because frankly I can’t be bothered to get up early and eat breakfast during breakfast hours hehehe

I had recently read about red velvet pancakes at IHOP and thought I might want to try that but then I saw they had Cinna Stack pancakes! Which are pretty much pancakes with icing and cinnamon bun filling. It sounds too sweet already right? It was either that or chocolate chip pancakes ;) Yes I have a major sweet tooth…

The pancakes were quite fluffy but they all ended up sticking together and I wasn’t sure how to eat them so I just decided to tackle it vertically instead of separating them. The whipped cream started melting and sliding off really quickly too but I was just likeย 

…and started eating it really fast. The cinnamon and icing sugar made the whole thing taste like dessert though! I only managed to eat about three of these. It actually got less sweet at the bottom so I added a bit of syrup. This was about $9.

My friend ordered the pick a pancake combo which comes with two pancakes of your choice, eggs, hash browns, and bacon or sausage links. This was around $10-11.

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes. This did not taste like it had enough cinnamon after eating my own pancakes.

Did not try this but that sausage link looks really burnt on one side!

We also ordered an appetizer sampler too. This had onion rings, chicken strips and mozzarella cheese sticks. It came with some kind of dip and marinara sauce. Ok this sorta seemed like it was lacking something… I guess it tasted kinda generic like something I can buy from the frozen section at Costco. Also cost $10-11. I thought the random lettuce leaf wasย unnecessaryย since it didn’t really make the presentation much better anyway.

It was a nice brunch and our server checked on us a few times.


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