Koon Bo for early Mother’s Day dinner

For Mother’s Day we made multiple reservations but finally ended up at Koon Bo which is located at a small plaza on the corner of Fraser and 41st. It really doesn’t look like a place that wins restaurant awards. Outside their door it said they won an award for Best Casual Chinese or something.

We started off with a shredded chicken and jellyfish dish. (ok pictures look really bad here)

This was a really big dish compared to Ho Yuen Kee! I totally failed at scooping this and dropped a bunch on the table…

Squab! This was pretty good it was already well seasoned so the extra seasoning salt wasn’t really needed in this case. When we reserved they asked if we wanted to reserve a squab too so I guess they’re really popular here.

Ok this was part of some special combo they had where we ordered some kind of fish and it was served as a soup, a stir fry with celery and as some other left over fish pieces with some veggies and you were suppose to dip the fish in soy sauce. Not too fond of this since I don’t like the fishy taste of the soup and so I forgot to take a picture but my parents seemed to like it.

Salty peppery pork chops. These were quite tender and there weren’t too many bones either but I think we overdosed on sodium haha but if it wasn’t salty then we’d complain too…

We ended the meal with some “tong sui” of some sort that I can’t quite translate into English. This place is not bad but I wish we didn’t order all the fish stuff! But it was Mother’s Day and that’s what my mother decided so yeaaaah otherwise I think we would have had Peking Duck instead!


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