All you can eat sushi! I’ve lost my fondness for this over the years as I’ve discovered much better options out there. My friends and I came here for a friend’s birthday dinner. What we expected was the usual quality over quantity food and substandard service. We made a reservation for 6pm and it wasn’t very busy. It was a Monday night so we didn’t expect it to be busy but the food came reaaaaally sloooooowly!!! >=( We’ve been here before and it’s never been this slow and what’s worse is that they weren’t even that busy so I have no idea what happened. So this was a really big turn off since it took like an hour before our first order of food came. Very disappointing since this is probably one of the better AYCE places.

Ebi Sunomono
A variety of sashimi
Shrimp Tempura
Alaska roll, avocado roll, some cones
Unagi Sushi.
More rolls and cones

Okay we did have a lot more food than this but I gave up taking pictures because I was tired of waiting for food and just wanted to eat it after :/ Also the food came separately a lot so I couldn’t take a picture of the whole table and well it didn’t look spectacular anyway.

The slow service was a huge turn off so I won’t be returning anytime soon.


<><><><><> INSERT WAVAYTO’S RANT HERE <><><><><><><><>

Rant.  Yes.  RANT.  Why?  Cause I’m severely disappointed.  Let’s be frank…why do we go to all you can eat sushi?  Why for the quality, the good service and the great ambiance of course…not…of course not -_-.  While yes, there are horrible joints for AYCE, most of them offer decent sushi for your buck.  We already know the quality isn’t gonna be great, we already know the service will be sub par, but the one thing we expect each and every time is that we WILL BE FED.  Now Ninkazu’s price is about the same for most AYCE places in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, decor is standard and all, but this time they failed to get the one thing that makes AYCE, All-You-Can-Eat.  They were damn slow.  To their credit though…this is the first time it’s happened and I’ve been here quite a few times in the past.

I know I know, maybe they were just having a bad day.  I’d be totally fine with that…if they gave us a discount.  Think about it, let’s say you go to some big company to have them fix your roof, they send some guys, they fix it, two days later, it falls in collapsing on top of your limited edition Anime figurine.  Why don’t we give them a break, maybe those guys were just having a bad day.  No.  Just no.

Okay, enough with random spazzing, lemme tell you all what went down and you can decide for yourself…after all this is just my opinion on what AYCE should and should not be.  We book at six, order at six twentyish, you know the appetizer stuff.  That awesome fried tofu, gomae, sunomono etc etc.  It shows up…one at a time…with ten to fifteen minuter intervals in between.  Okay…fine…maybe kitchen is just backed up…although since the place was less than half full I don’t see how that can be.  Thirty minutes pass, and no sushi shows up.  When I question the waitress, she seemed…displeased…at my questioning.  True, I was a bit blunt, but I was hungry…I wanted food, I as a science student…knew that after twenty minutes or so from the time you start eating, your brain begins to receive signals from your brain telling you if your full or not…therefore…time is the enemy in AYCE if you want your money’s worth.

She goes, and returns, telling me that everything we’ve ordered has shown up.  I gave her the “wtf” face and went…well where’s the sushi?  She exclaims, “Oh you told me to ask the kitchen not the sushi bar!”  I admit, I didn’t mention SUSHI BAR, but…we’re in a Japanese AYCE restaurant.  No we’re not going to order sushi, we’re just gonna stuff ourselves with tofu.  I am not sure exactly what the problem was, but I heard some of my friends say that the waitress or kitchen did not hand the sheet to the sushi bar or something and so we did not get our food.  But even after that…the food came slower than was expected, taking another half an hour or so.

We handed in two sheets, and roughly after an hour and a half since we got there, we got our food.  Not that I was expecting a “Sorry we messed up”, but it would have been nice.  We stopped after that and paid to leave.  No, we only ordered two sheets and we almost couldn’t finish the food.  Why?  Because after the appetizers, tempura, teriyaki, and the immense delay in between, our stomachs told us we were full.

Oh right…this blog reviews food.  Everything was standard AYCE quality, nothing horrible, noting special.  I won’t even mention the order cuts as we all know they happen everywhere, but there was one interesting detail.  Funny thing is…when we ordered a lot, they cut it, BUT when we ordered a little, one or two…they up sized it…weird eh?

Lastly, they argued that our tip was horrible.  Well I’m sorry…your service WAS horrible so go call the cops on me…but my friend being a much softer guy than me, tipped them in full.

I thought Ninkazu was a strong AYCE, (much less said about Tomokazu on Broadway…), but after this horrid performance of failing to live up to AYCE standards of being able to FEED YOU…I think I’ll throw my lot in with Shabusen.  They had a full house and we still got our food in a timely manner.  However, like I said, bad day, mistakes happen, so I won’t say I’m never going back, but I’m only human, I can’t just shrug it off when I’m paying for it.

– Wavayto

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