Richmond Night Market

It feels like it’s finally summer! And that always means a couple of trips to the night market. I’m so glad they opened a new one right next to the Bridgeport skytrain station which makes getting home a lot easier now! It was about the same size as the other night market too except they charge an admission fee of $1 but I can live with that.

Ok my friend and I couldn’t decide on what we wanted to share together since we’d already eaten dinner first and we just wanted some dessert. Finally we came across a stall for ice cream waffles! Not exactly a new concept but we’ve never tried it before and it was $4 and it looked good.

We picked the chocolate, cappuccino and strawberry marble flavours. They also had mango and vanilla I think. And they pour syrup over the waffle first.

Then they fold it in half and put it in a paper bag thing. It was good because it was hot and cold but extra sweet with the syrup! =)

Ice cream with churros and chocolate drizzle! This came with four pieces of churros and we picked vanilla ice cream. Yes we really like ice cream ^__^ This was $5. They also offer blueberry and pineapple and strawberry? But for those I think they put real fruit pieces on top of the ice cream for an extra $0.50. I can’t remember the last time I had a churro so I can’t say much about that but it was warm and doughy?  I guess anything with ice cream is good! This took a while to make since they had to take time to fry the churros but the longest line was at the hurricane potato fries stall! O__O It looked like there was only one stall for hurricane potato fries unlike at the other night market. We were too discouraged to line up… maybe next time!

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