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Welcome to Western Lake Seafood Restaurant where we catch your seafood fresh in the lake just west of you and then cook it right away…I wish, that’d be sorta cool wouldn’t it?  Guess it would suck if their fisherman’s were unable to land a quick catch, especially on mother’s day!  That being said, Asian mother, so Asian restaurant!  This is a pretty solid restaurant be it for dim sum or dinner.  I’ve been here five or more times and never once have they disappointed me.  Sure it’s loud, it can get kinda cramped (it’s not that big…what did you expect?  lakeside property isn’t cheap!  Jokes, jokes), but the food is delicious and the service strong.

Being mother’s day, of course the place was full to bursting, but all our food still came on time and in a timely fashion as well.  Not only that, but our waiter was just radiating with this “I shall serve you all” attitude.  I don’t know if perhaps he was the assistant in charge or something higher up than a normal waiter, but this guy was everywhere, suggesting dishes, grabbing plates, refilling tea pots, basically answering to everyone’s whims.  That’s the thing about some Asian restaurants right?  You can end up with superb service, or sub par, it’s all a gamble.

Anyway bringing on the food.

Not deep fried, but still deeply satisfying

Juicy and tender.  Had these in a lot of places.

You know it has to be good when the portion is so small

Who doesn’t like abalone!?  Okay I’m sure a lot of people don’t, and truth be told, I don’t quite get why it’s so great either.  I mean without the sauce doesn’t all abalone taste sorta bland?  In fact, besides the abalone, the only other thing in there is vegetables!  What kind of a kid likes to eat their vegi’s!?  Well I guess that’s what they mean when alone, things may not work great, but together…damn it sure works out fantastically.

It’s a big ball of crab and shrimp meat…what more can you ask for!?

Crispy skin and soft interior, oh man…if Takoyaki were made that big…I wonder…

A chicken swimming in soy sauce

This dish was recommended by our superbly over enthusiastic waiter.  Although it was recommended, I didn’t really feel it was anything special.  Sure it was more tender and packed with way more flavor ( I mean c’mon, look at that bird, it’s just marinating in there!), than the ones you get at BBQ Meat shops, but I still didn’t think it was as great as he made it sound.  See, this is why you shouldn’t over hype stuff.

Looks can be deceiving…very deceiving

So too be honest, when we were served this dish, my face and my brother’s was like… o.o  It just didn’t look very appetizing.  What you’re looking at is beef, vegetables and that deep fried puff ball looking thing, that’s Za Ou Lai, or in English, Deep Fried Milk.  Get this dish.  Get it.  No I don’t know the name, but it’s delicious.  The beef is really tender, their sauce savory and the deep fried milk actually tastes really good.  It’s like a cream and slightly sweet.  No I don’t know what the vegetables taste like, sorry, didn’t touch them.

Fish and Chip…wait…no…Fish and vegetables >.>

Okay there I ate some vegetables.  This dish was standard, tons of places have it and this one wasn’t any better or any worse.  Presentation is kind of lacking though, its like someone just threw a fish atop of some grass, but it tasted fine.

Sorry, was too preoccupied playing TD to take a proper picture

This last dish had tofu, fish, vegetables and pork in it.  It was my least loved dish.  I only tried the tofu.  It was okay, but the dishes preceding this were by far way better, however that’s just my opinion and I’m sure tons of people might like the taste of this one, just not me.  And lastly, we have dessert!

Mangolicious…wait…what!?  There are TARO bits!?  Aww…

Baked mango pudding is what I’m calling this.  The outside layer is crispy, the inside gooey with mango goodness.  However, they had taro bits scattered here and there which I found sort of strange.  Compared to the sweet, zesty-ness of the mango’s, the taro was pretty bland and didn’t fit very well.  My father’s input was, “It would have been better if they put chilled cubes of mangoes in there instead”, and I agree.  All in all still pretty good though.

Well that was everything we had.  This restaurant, as I said before, is pretty solid.  It’s busy, but the servers seem to manage, and I haven’t had any problems with anything at all…well…maybe…except for the fact that every single time I leave…I take away a bunch of unwanted pounds as well.

– Wavayto

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