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Okay I don’t usually eat at donair places or anything (whatever this cuisine is called) but I have been meaning to try one sometime since whenever I walk by those stores it always smells reaaaally good. So here I am at Babylon Cafe at the Robson Market. This store is quite small as with most of the donair places and it was pretty warm inside too. My coworkers and I decided to share two dishes since the plates looked pretty big . The menu was on the wall with big pictures of the dishes and the prices. We wanted to try the chicken souvlaki and the shawarma but when we ordered they told us that they were actually the same thing! Funny thing is that they were priced differently though… well ok by 40cents but still… When we got our food they were exactly the same except on one plate we got white rice and on the other plate we got brown rice.

I sorta assumed chicken souvlaki was usually served on a skewer but anyway here it is in shredded pieces. They were quite tender and not dry at all plus there’s some sort of sauce on it. It also came with uhm not sure what that bread is called actually… and a potato and greek salad. The portion was really big so it was a good deal for $8.25/$8.65 (not sure what they charged us). We were really surprised that the brown rice was very soft and thin looking instead of the usual thick grains that my mom buys. In fact they looked exactly like the white rice except it was brown. The rice was also flavourful due to the sauce from the chicken. I guess this platter reminds me of what I’d get from Stepho’s since their platters sorta look like this too. Maybe I will try a wrap next time! Those look huge too.

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