Benkei Ramen

Benkei, reminds me of Bankai really.  No, that’s not a restaurant.  Anyway, Benkei is a Japanese Ramen joint and it’s one of the best Ramen Places I’ve been to before.  True, they don’t offer that many selections, and yeah it can get kinda pricey if you start adding on eggs, bean sprouts and other stuff, but I still think the pricing for  a bowl of Ramen is fair.  It fills you up and it tastes delicious.  Oishi-desu.

Some gyozas.  You get this vinegar like sauce with it.  My friend loves their sauce.

I believe this is their Shio, you can add extra noodles for just 50 cents.  Not a bad deal I think.

This is their summer only, Cold Noodle Raman.  I love their sauce, it’s slightly sweet and adds a kick to the dish.   Doesn’t it look colorful?  The yellow mustard looking like stuff is actually wasabi I think.

They also have curry and rice, but why order curry and rice at a Ramen place?  I’ve never tried it before so I won’t comment on it.  The summer special also comes in a vegetarian version.  They have like three locations that I know of, two on Robson and one on Broadway, next to London Drugs near the Canada Line.  If you love Ramen, then definitely try this place out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!  And remember guys, get like ten stamps and the next bowl of Ramen is free!  Aka, for a cheap, broke student like me, that means you get all the toppings on that free one XD.

– Wavayto

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