Catch 122 Bistro

This place is really close to the 135 bus stop on Cambie! Super convenient for me! I read a couple of good reviews before going so I was just like


I love that the menu was on a little corkboard! It was pretty cute and innovative.

Ok so the menu was not that extensive and we were coming just for lunch so we settled for some sandwiches.

I got the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich! :) I have a thing for pulled pork right now. <3 (well who doesn’t right?) You get a choice of either soup of the day, salad or pomme frites. Of course I got fries I mean I did consider salad … but nahhhh. x) THIS WAS REALLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D So good I was too busy eating to notice what was really in it haha but basically there was pulled pork and the cheese was drippy and the whole thing was messy to eat. BUT IT WAS GOOD! Ok so on their website it says that it has Catch 122 special BBQ sauce, caramelized red onion, coleslaw, Havarti cheese, grilled panini. Sounds about right!

Here is another bad picture because I was trying to hold my phone at a funny angle while taking the picture and trying to not get it dirty because my hands were dirty. ^^” They also have a non grilled cheese version too. This cost $12. Oh and the fries were thick cut and nicely seasons with salt and pepper and garnished with a cherry tomato.

This was my friend’s British Style Roast Beef Sandwich (Slow roasted beef chuck roll, sauté mushroom, Swiss cheese, horseradish cream, grilled panini) with some sort of asparagus soup. I like my sandwich better! ^___^ Did not try the soup though because he insisted he was still sick. >.>

The bill came on this little wooden puzzle piece! This was a very nice lunch not sure if I will be back though since I’m hardly ever in this area. They also serve some pastries and coffee too.


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