More food exploring at Metrotown during my break! This time I stopped by Cinnzeo! I just had some sort of dessert/pastry craving XD as usual… This store is located near Superstore and around the corner from Mcdonalds. This store just smells really good! I got a large cinnamon bun and I didn’t know they had a mini one too.

The lady behind the counter asked if I’d like extra frosting and I said no since it looked sweet enough already and extra frosting = extra calories! :S But she gave me some (A LOT) anyway and she squeezed it out of a bottle. Later I realized that on the menu it says that extra frosting costs $0.89?! So that was nice I guess ^^ although I think it would have been sweet enough for most people already. The cinnamon bun cost about $4.50. She also offered me free tap water lol but she was quite friendly.

It was reaaally good! Warm and gooey and sweet! The way I think it’s suppose to be! I didn’t know they claimed to have the best tasting cinnamon rolls on earth though! Hmmm I’m sure there will be debate over that and I’m not exactly a cinnamon bun connoisseur.


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