Tokyo Joe’s Ramen Okawari

After getting the most exercise (badminton) that I’ve gotten since who knows when, we went for food! It’s now totally justifiable to stuff my face right? At first we were going to go to Tokyo Joe’s but it was 8:30pm by the time we got there and they close at 9pm so they suggested that we go across the street to their other ramen restaurant and they told us it was the same chef? So we decided to try it since I’ve been meaning to try it anyway. When we got there it was really empty. I guess because it was waaay past dinner time now. It looked quite nice inside and must less like a hole in the wall compared to Tokyo Joe’s. Now onto the food!

Tako Wasa? This was the first time that I’ve tried this. The texture was interesting, a bit slimey actually and then you get the wasabi flavour after. I think I liked it?

I think this was a chicken teriyaki don. Did not try it but the portion looked quite big and there was ample sauce. I need sauce so I approve.

My beef yakisoba! This was a pretty big plate of noodles! Very oishiii :) Oh and lots of veggies too. I have a thing for cabbage…

3 pieces of tempura. Part of my friend’s ramen combo.

California roll! Part of another ramen combo.

Original ramen? Okawari ramen? Something like that. I think with the combos the bowl of ramen is a bit smaller.

Rainbow Roll. Nicely presented with the usual ingredients and it was pretty good.

THE SEXY ROLL. We had no idea what would be in this since there was no description available. It turned out to be filled with spicy tuna and topped with grilled salmon and some chopped scallop. And some kind of sauce (looks like there’s a heart in the sauce!). Ok this was pretty interesting and I did like it but it wasn’t like amaaaazing you know? It did provide some interesting texture contrast with the cooked salmon and then the raw tuna inside. I think I’m not used to having cooked stuff on a roll! Someone did complain that there was too much mayo too.Β 

Some nigiri sushi that my friend ordered. This was squid, tuna and tako.

Last but not least! The deluxe sashimi set! I think this had wild salmon, salmon, tuna, toro, ebi, hamachi, tako and hokkigai? It was really fresh and we all enjoyed it. This was $30 for 20 pieces? It was also nice that it was on a boat. I mean who doesn’t like boats ?

I did like it here since they seemed to have some of everything but if you just want rolls then you can go to Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory across the street. One more thing! I like their ginger because it seemed sweeter than usual for some reason.

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