Urban Thai Bistro

We were feeling exotic so we decided to go for Thai! Ok as usual I decided but still hehehe We found an entertainment book coupon too and the deal was “buy one lunch/dinner entree and get a complimentary one of equal or lesser value for free” so that was a pretty good deal! We went at like 2:30pm so the place was empty. The interior is really nice too. They have some nice lunch specials for $9 or so but then our coupon wouldn’t work so we opted to use the coupon instead.

After pondering the menu for a while I think I got this “Neua Pad Khing (Beef with ginger, onions, mushrooms & green onions). $13.50″. Except instead of mushrooms we had spinach. They also serve ostrich!!! :O Not too keen on trying that though.

This was pretty good the sauce was sweet and there was ample beef although it could have been a tad overcooked. Under all the beef are more onions, been sprouts and spinach. For some reason it was watery at the bottom of the dish though…

I thought the beef dish was pretty good until I tried this! This was “House Seafood Combination A – Tiger prawns, clams, mussels, fish filet, squid served with house sauce. $15.50″. It also had green and red pepper slices, scallops and egg mixed into the sauce. The sauce was sweet but spicy at the same time! I think it was a good balance and I like spicy things and this had two red chilli peppers on the menu? I think the fish fillet went really well with the sauce! Totally recommend this! ^^

We also got rice to go with our entrees this cost $5. We didn’t actually ask how much rice we’d be getting but they gave us this and it was good for two people. Rice is totally necessary when there’s so much sauce. I think on the receipt it said it was jasmine rice or coconut rice or something but I couldn’t really tell since I was really hungry and I just ate it.

This restaurant is part of the Thai House group and it fits right into the Yaletown neighbourhood. Maybe I will try the lunch specials some other time.

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