Yogen Fruz and the food court again…

Quick post!

Ok I got the mango froyo at Yogen Fruz and I’m used to eating soft serve froyo now from Qoola so this was different since it was hard but it still tasted pretty good and it seemed to melt less. This was a small and I like how they swirl the yogurt but then there could have been more mango flavour. It was about $4.

Next we have the frozen lemonade from Tim Hortons on promotion for the summer. It’s a $1 for a small! Guess they need more people to try it. People like me…

Ok it’s probably super artificially coloured and just tasted like some sweet flavoured slush and there really wasn’t much lemon flavour. Maybe I like it better than the smoothies though? Anyway the verdict is: STICK TO THE ICE CAPPS!

Last but not least we have this horribly flavoured green apple slush from Dessert Dynasty. I’LL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! Sure I have reaaaally low expectations for them but this was just !@#$ AWFUL. Totally artificial tasting and probably overpriced for the crap they put in it and how can they even call this green apple flavoured?! yeaaah ignore what I said in my first blog post… =____________= I think I just went to try and fill up my stamp card…


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