Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant

Back to my fave dim sum place but for dinner this time! I called and made reservations for 7pm on a Friday night. When we arrived it turned out that most of the restaurant was booked for a private party/banquet. So it felt like we were sitting in a small restaurant while the rest of the restaurant was blocked off but we could hear their music and they even had a security guard there too. Is that normal?

My parents commented that the menu selection was not that extensive but I thought it was normal. We started off with a crab meat fish maw soup. 

We get this soup almost all the time. We were quite impressed that there were large pieces of fish maw and crab in it and the soup wasn’t too thick either (aka too much cornstarch?).

Next we have some beef stir fried with pickled veggies. There were also peppers and onions. Since this was our first time having dinner here, we thought the portion was quite generous and the beef was cooked nicely.

Uhm ok I’m not sure what this vegetable is called in English but I’m sure it was served with shrimp paste. It was pretty typical.

While we were trying to decide on what type of chicken to order, the server/manager suggested this chicken with ginger and garlic? He said it was a signature dish I think. It was like the chicken already had the usual salty/oily ginger mixture in it already and it was pretty good, moist, and tastes like chicken!

I haven’t had this in a long time! This is a battered deep fried fish fillet that’s salty/spicy. I’m not sure how they made the batter part but it wasn’t like the usual kind. It just wasn’t as crunchy or didn’t feel as deep fried? Anyway I still liked it and it was neither too salty or too spicy. I think it could have been more spicy though. Maybe they made the flavour average to appease everyone.

I’m sorry I’m terrible at describing Chinese food even though I’m Chinese … but I was quite surprised at how good dinner was too! Prices were reasonable for the portions we got. Apparently they have karaoke and dancing on Monday and Wednesday nights as well.


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