Guu Otokomae

So on Monday I went to watch the AMAZING Spiderman with a friend and it was really good! Much better than I expected =D Andrew Garfield <3

Then we went to Guu in Gastown. I think I only go to Guu like once a year or something and I haven’t tried this Guu before so we decided to go. We arrived at about 6 and it was fairly empty then which is good because I hate lineups. This Guu has two small floors and there are big open windows upstairs with a nice view of Water St. However we had to sit at this 2 person table that was in front of a small wall sooo crappy pictures. =S

Chicken Karaage! One of my fave dishes =D This was nice and hot and crispy and the meat was tender and not sure what the dip was but it was good!

This is the Spicy Ika Calamari. The calamari was lightly breaded so with all the sauce it wasn’t the usual crunchy kind and it wasn’t too chewy either. The sauce wasn’t that spicy actually even though it looks really red but it had a hint of sweetness somehow? At the bottom there was some kind of mayo too but we didn’t really use it.

Okonomiyaki!!! My other fave <333 I can’t find a good one anywhere… recommendations anyone? This had 6 pieces and every piece had at least two pieces of squid. I love how it’s sorta crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside with the cabbage and the sauce is so good.  I’d eat anything with that sauce.

Yam fries! These were pretty big and very filling! The sauce was honey mustard which was nice too but I was expecting more mayo haha These are made with real yams!!! =O I’ve never had so much yam in a yam fry before. We were too full from the rest of our food so we didn’t end up finishing all of it. The portion was also slightly bigger than I expected or I guess I’m used to seeing the skinny yam fries from like Moxie’s or something.

BBQ Kalbi. I think I expected more than one skewer but they gave us a giant skewer instead. For some reason a lot of the food came on long plates. The beef was cooked nicely and the veggies had a lot of pepper on it but otherwise I didn’t think it was that special so I don’t think I’ll get this again.

Saba with garlic herb. The fish was really soft and flaky. It was also well marinated by the soy sauce so it may be on the salty side for some people. It was on a bed of veggies such as peppers, onions and celery. Presentation was very nice too. It was also boneless.

BBQ eel bibimbap. They mix this at your table for you right away so I didn’t get a picture of it before. You can really taste the sautéed mushrooms in this! It had egg, seaweed, BBQ eel, and green onions. The parts at the edge of the stone bowl get crunchy after =)

Close up!

The bill came with 4 frozen grapes and I was quite stuffed after so we probably could have skipped the yam fries. Save money and calories! Guu is Guu’d! :D

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