Me-n-Ed’s Pizza – Burnaby

It’s not everyday that we decide to visit a pizza parlour, but when we do it’s all the way in Burnaby. T^T It took us a skytrain a bus another skytrain and another bus and 1.5hrs before we got there. >.> Ok if it was just skytrain to skytrain it would have been faster since a certain 41 bus failed to show up on time…

Since we went really late a la 2pm it was pretty much empty there and they only had 2 people working. On Monday’s there’s a large pepperoni special for $15.75.

The decor was sorta old and everything looked like it was made of wood. Β There were also 4 TV screens mounted on the wall so it might be a good place to watch sports games.

Since there were just two of us, we decided to order one small pizza and one mini pizza.

For our small pizza, we got two toppings. We asked to have half with bacon and Italian sausage and the other half with anchovies and spinach. The server said that they don’t usually do half and half toppings but since this was simple to make she’ll let us do it this time. Choosing your own toppings is much cheaper than ordering their special pizzas. This cost $12.10 as opposed to $15.20.

This was our mini pizza I chose the Thai chicken pizza. It had roast chicken, onions, carrots, noodles and green onions sprinkled on top. It also came with a sweet peanut sauce for dipping. This was probably one of the most “exotic” pizzas I’ve ever eaten. We only ended up using half the dip and I thought it was pretty interesting to have noodles on my pizza. The chicken might have been slightly dry though.

I was surprised that the crust of the pizza wasn’t soft and dough like it was more crunchy and crispy, almost like a soft cracker. I don’t mind though because I like thin crust pizzas and they’re less filling too (which may be good or bad depending on you).

When we got the bill they also gave us a bunch of candies. Overall, it was a satisfying meal since I don’t go out for pizza much and I was probably a little over excited for the Thai chicken pizza. ^^”


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