I biked the seawall with my coworkers!!! It only took us an hour plus stopping for pictures so it was faster than I expected and renting wasn’t so bad either $10.64. =) Maybe I’ll do it again before summer is over.

Interesting rock by the seawall

Obviously we got food after and since the bike rental place was on Denman, we decided to go on Robson for some Korean food! It was a nice day so we decided to sit on the patio.

They had a deal for unlimited all you can eat of some hot pot dishes for $13.95 but we didn’t go for that.

Les appetizers! There was even pasta salad.

I haven’t had Korean food in a loooong time and I wanted Jap Che! This one has beef in it and a lot of veggies like onions, zucchinis, mushrooms, carrots, green onions and spinach leaves lining the sides of the plate. I wasn’t expecting this much sauce with the noodles though. I would have preferred it more dry like at some other places but it was still ok. It had a lot of beef and mushroom flavour. It was pretty big and I couldn’t finish it. It was $14.99.

My friend’s kimchi fried rice. This was $9.99

Seafood pancake. Typical seafood pancake I think! This was $8.99.

My friend ordered this rice meal with spicy chicken and cabbage but she asked for it to be mildly spicy so it didn’t have any flavour… :S Also it was slightly dry too. This was $8.99.

Beef bibimbap! ย A popular Korean dish I would have ordered it but I had just had one the week before. Look at all those yummy ingredients! This was $9.99.

I noticed there were a lot of flies hovering by the patio though but none actually came near the food. The waitress also let us split the bill even though we had a shared item.


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