Starbucks Refreshers

Last Friday Starbucks had a promotion for a free tall Refresher drink between 12-3pm.  Since I work right above a Starbucks, I just had to get one. Probably could have gotten more than one if I kept going back! =P Anyway they only have two flavours which are Cool Lime and Berry Hibiscus.

As beautiful as this photoshopped ad looks, the flavours were sorta meh. My Cool Lime had a few small slices of lime but it really did not have much flavour. In fact I think there was a slightly bitter taste from the lime after…

I also tried my friend’s Berry Hibiscus drink and it might have tasted SLIGHTLY better. This had whole blackberries in it. I think it’s suppose to be a “refreshing” alternative to drinking water but with “green coffee extract” whatever that means. Okay I just looked it up “Starbucks is using an innovative process to pull the naturally occurring caffeine and other good stuff from 100% green arabica coffee beans before they are roasted. The result is Green Coffee Extract – the natural energy from coffee, but with none of the coffee flavor.”.

So basically it’s caffeinated but without the coffee flavour.

Not sure how much these costs but I doubt I will ever buy one. They just don’t taste like much so I’d rather have a good old Frappuccino instead.


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