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Dropped by Well Tea after two exciting games of lazer tag! It’s buy one game for $8.25 and get one free on Wednesdays! I forgot how much running around there was to do and it was really hot inside! So we refreshed ourselves with some bbt afterwards and I got an ice plate.

This cost about $4.50 and you have a choice of three toppings so I chose the green mango, coconut jelly and pearls. They also offered toppings like tapioca noodles (no idea what those are), condensed milk, grass jelly and chocolate syrup. For an extra $0.75 cents you can add another topping. I like sour things so I really liked the green mango although I’m not quite sure what’s in it since it’s not fresh obviously. It was in a gooey syrup but it went well with the ice. Too bad the ice isn’t flavoured like at Frapped Bliss though! They have the best shaved ice =) I was happy that there was a generous portion of toppings though.

This was my friend’s honey lemon green tea with coconut jelly (say hi to Totoro in the back!).  There was a slight bitter after taste from the tea I think so I didn’t really like it that much and I usually go for slushes anyway.

Anyway Well Tea is a nice hang out place for drinks along with all the other bbt cafes out there in Richmond.

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