Afternoon Tea- Hotel Vancouver

In April I bought a dealfind coupon for afternoon tea at the Hotel Vancouver and since I’ve never had afternoon tea before I thought that it would be a steal! It was $38 for 2 people and usually it’s $38 per person. It is rather expensive but I have high expectations and I was quite excited to finally go and use my coupon. I called ahead for a reservation and they gave me the options of either 12pm, 2pm or 4pm and I went with 2pm. However when I got there they didn’t have my reservation :S but the server said it was fine and it wasn’t that busy anyway. The afternoon tea place is at 900 West Lounge just behind the Lobby Bar.

Le menu!

Sugar and cream and honey for the tea :) The sugar wasn’t the usual finely ground kind it was more like rock sugar?

The tea variety was pretty good. I ordered the Maple Maple tea because it was suppose to have a sweet caramel flavour. It did have a nice flavor and smelled like caramel too but I still had to add milk and sugar to it. Well ok I add milk and sugar to every tea. My friend got the Kyoto Cherry Rose? It was very nice and fragrant too. I’m not exactly a tea critic but it was better than the tea at dim sum! Their tea pots were surprisingly heavy too even though it doesn’t look like it.

The restaurant. It was a bit dim inside I thought it’d be brighter for some reason.

The first layer! Okay to be honest none of them were particularly “AMAZING”. That cucumber sandwich was pretty boring too. I think the best one on this platter was the croissant with ham and brie. The croissant was very buttery and flaky. The mango curry chicken salad seemed a bit exotic but I don’t think there was much curry flavor.

Ah now onto desserts! :D The raisin scones were surprisingly scrumptious! Very soft and buttery as well and the strawberry jam was a nice addition. I liked the mini opera cake and the lemon tart too. The opera cake had a lot of coffee flavor and the raspberry on the lemon tart was pretty big. The black currant mousse was okay. I guess I’m not a fan of berry mousses but if it were chocolate mousse I’m sure it would have been great. Oh there was also “Devonshire Clotted Cream” on the side and we weren’t quite sure what it was… so we didn’t end up using it for much.

Okay so the experience was nice and all but it’s probably not worth $38/person. And I know this is my first time having afternoon tea but I think it’s probably a bit overpriced even for the Hotel Vancouver. I’ll probably try Adonia or Secret Garden next! Or when I have enough funds…

PS. with the dealfind coupon we had to pay tax and tips on top of the original price aka $76 so that came to $15.96.


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