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It was my dad’s birthday last week and we couldn’t decide where to go. I suggested Fraser Court again and no one seemed to like that idea so we settled on Ga Lok in Richmond. We used to go there for dim sum a lot but not so much for dinner. It was a Tuesday night and half the restaurant was reserved for a private party while the other half was quite empty. Well the good thing was that we didn’t have to wait for a table…

We started off with a squab because I think it was on special for $8.99 each?

This was pretty typical.

Empress Chicken? There was plenty of meat and it was tender and typical chicken!

This was black pepper with beef with scallops and random veggies. I like this except there could have been a bit more beef and one or two of the scallops were overcooked. It was oily like most dishes.

Bok choy with abalone mushrooms.

Ok I wanted the deep fried milk thing but I think I read the Chinese description wrong and this is what we got. It was like seafood mixed with egg white and pan fried milk? It tasted okay though I like it at least. It had a sort of slimey texture to it from the egg whites.

My dad suggested we try this. It’s fried leatherjacket fish with soy sauce. The soy sauce wasn’t very salty and more sweet and the fish was okay, not too many bones.


The usual red bean soup for dessert. It wasn’t too sweet. The bill came to $105 which isn’t too bad I guess for this many plates of food.

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