My friend told me about the new parfait place that took over Dot Desserts and apparently it’s called “Mimibuloveme”. When she told me I was like o___O excuse me? Come again? But weird name aside, they do make really good parfaits! ^^ This place is located on Cambie between 41st and 40th avenue right across from the Liquor store and really easy to miss! The store is quite small there are only 4 or 5 wooden tables and I think they had two tables outside too. The staff there seem quite young too well like college/uni aged. They also have free WiFi and the password is written on this small hand shaped board on a shelf.

There’s also a menu board with their 3 pastas and there’s an open window below it where you can see into their kitchen.

This is the white pasta. Sorry it’s so dark it was at night and we sat by the window and the lighting sucked… Taste wise it was fine but the portion seemed a bit small well compared to those HK style cafes for $8 but anyway it had enough toppings.

My matcha parfait! I was surprised that they had two big scoops of green tea ice cream! YUM! I’m not a fan of red bean but I’m willing to eat it but the red bean they had in this was really hard and not the smooth more paste-like substance I was imagining. It also came with some whipped cream, sponge cake pieces and these cereal balls that were like mini corn pops. Oh and let’s not forget the mochi balls! The portion was pretty big and filling for me. This cost $7.10. I think I like this more than the parfait I had at Chicco’s before.

The Tiramisu parfait! I like this one ¬†better than the matcha one although both are pretty good. This had tiramisu ice cream, a piece of tiramisu cake, sponge cake, cereal balls and a cookie wafer stick thing. Forgot what those are called >.<”

I have no idea what ice cream they used but it was really good! Although I don’t think it was real gelato though but pretty close! The piece of tiramisu cake wasn’t that great though, not sure where that came from but it sucked. Ignoring that part though it was really good :) The presentation is really nice too it was sprinkled with cocoa powder, topped with some whipped cream and some chocolate sauce.

Besides parfaits and pastas, they have a small selection of drinks and crepes as well and there’s a sign on their menu that they don’t make paninis anymore so maybe those didn’t sell well?


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