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I’ve only been her once before for my friend’s birthday and here I am again one year later for another friend’s birthday. We were going to go to Cactus Club at the Bentall location but they don’t take reservations so it was impossible to get a table for 8 there during the dinner rush hence we migrated to Rogue and it was fairly quiet there. Our server was very attentive and came back every few mins to see if we were ready to order yet. They also had a lot of TV screens where we could watch the Olympics.

Frozen Bellini. I’m not a frequent drinker so I can’t comment much but it tasted pretty good and it was $6.99 for 2oz I think.

My pulled pork sandwich! Yes I STILL have a thing for pulled pork… This had a LOT of pork in it! The bun was also very soft and I only managed to eat about 3/4 of it. The portion was pretty big to me and I love their fries! I think the pork could have been slightly more moist and soft though. You should eat this right away though because after a while the bun on the bottom gets a bit soggy from the sauces.

Mediterranean penne. This was a pretty big portion too (well for a small girl…). It had plenty of veggies and the pasta was al dente.

Seafood linguini. I liked this better than the penne! There was ample seafood and I think I just like the olive oil sauce better.

The 9.2oz Rogue burger. I tried this before and it was really good and juicy. I like how the stick the knife in the middle to hold it together.

Caesar salad with shrimp and chicken added.

We had a great experience here and the ambiance was nice too. They also just opened a new location on Broadway and Ash St.


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