Sushi Oyama

I looove Sushi Oyama! This is probably my yearly visit since it’s sorta far but every visit leaves my tummy very happy ^^ It’s situated a few blocks from Metrotown on Kingsway in a house that apparently used to be a funeral home… but really I could care less about that if the food is good! We went at about 9pm so it wasn’t very busy and the waitress told us that they were closing at 10pm which was fine with us.

Gomae ! I like that there was plenty of sauce and it wasn’t too sweet.

Agedashi tofu. Tofu was very crispy and otherwise typical.

Unagi roll, chopped scallop roll, alaska roll.

They use a lot of sauce and there’s not too much rice and every bite is the perfect size! Maybe it’s the sauce that’s so addicting…

They also have tons of specialty rolls here which is why I loooove coming here and they’re not too expensive either. There are also a lot of regular rolls to choose from too. This is the Las Vegas Roll which is a deep fried roll with cream cheese, spicy salmon, cucumber, and crab meat and 5 kinds of sauce!!!  Plus tons of bonito flakes. It had a slightly crunchy texture on the outside and ok while I was eating it I had no idea what was in it but it was really good!!!

Smoked salmon cream cheese roll. The presentation of all their rolls is quite nice too.

The aweseome roll! This had crab, cucumber and cooked salmon  topped with green onion, masago and bonito flakes. I think anything with bonito flakes just makes it look so much cooler!!! Or is it just me…

If you go on their website they have REALLY good pictures of all the food I’m sure you’ll want to go after. I totally recommend coming here :)

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  1. pennyandrusty says:

    Sushi Oyama is one of our favourite places too. Although we were just there last week and noticed the food wasn’t as good as it was in the past. Not that the food was bad, but I recall some subtle differences… not sure if they changed chefs or not.
    Black Dragon Sushi is nearby and is also a good choice for sushi in the area.

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