The Boss Restaurant

The Boss is located right outside Zellers in Metrotown on the ground floor. We got there around 2:30pm after doing some shopping so it wasn’t too busy but we still had to wait a bit. They have a lot of booth seats and it was a bit bigger than I imagined. They were also selling moon cakes already. They had some specials for $8.25 on the first page of the menu and they also had all day breakfast too. They also had some slightly more expensive dishes on the menu so maybe those are dinner sized portions?

Since we were just having a snack we got 2 plates to share between 4 people.

This was beef fried with rice noodles and shrimp paste. This was a pretty standard dish. It had lots of “wok hay”.

This was Yang Chow fried rice. This had the usual peas, egg, and shrimp. It also had the dried Chinese sausage too. I’ve never had that before in my fried rice but it did make it salty and interesting. However, my parents said they cheaped out by using that instead of chicken or something which is also possible.

Both of these dishes came with a drink option and +$1 if you want a cold drink.

Nothing amazing here but good for a quick meal if you’re at metro since there aren’t many HK style cafes around unless you go to Cattle Cafe across the street. The portions may also be a bit smaller compared to some places in Richmond. Or maybe that’s because we ordered off the $8.25 menu?


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