Burgoo Bistro

So before school started (yes this is a really overdue post), my friend and I visted Burgoo on Main street. I’ve heard a lot about their comfort food so it was nice to finally be able to try it! The location wasn’t as big as I expected but it was nice and cozy looking. They also had a big outdoor seating space though.

The bar area. It was Monday and they had Mojitos on special so we decided to share one.

This was pretty good, they put a lot of mint leaves in it!

Since we were sharing, we decided to get a Caesar salad. The portion was quite big for the $8 and they piled on a LOT of cheese! It as also light with the perfect amount of dressing.

We also shared a soup and sandwich combo. This is the Italian Wedding soup. I don’t think I’ve really had this before there was a lot of minced meat pieces at the bottom. It was also a bit spicy which I did like. Not really my kind of soup though but the portion was quite large for a soup.

Terrible picture of the pulled pork sandwich. Just had to get this even though I’ve spent my whole summer eating pulled pork sandwiches… As you can tell, there was a lot of coleslaw and it was fairly big and came with extra BBQ sauce too. I didn’t add the sauce because it was messy enough to eat already but maybe a bit more sauce would have been good. There was ample pork though! I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the best one ever.

Our bill came in this cute dim sum container :)

Overall it was a nice meal and service was friendly but I’d like to try more of their other dishes sometime since we didn’t order anything special this time.


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