Cats Social House

I suggested for my friend’s to go to Cat’s Social House for their joint birthday dinner since I wanted to try it and I wanted to visit Granville Island too. I made a reservation for 12 but when we got there they had no idea what we were talking about so apparently someone forgot to write it down >.> We ended up waiting for half an hour but the host? offered to get some appetizers started for us and since they had a Sunday special for flatbread pizzas we ordered one for $9. Then he later told us that he changed it to two since we had so many people and when we ordered it we had no idea how big it was.

1oz social soda on special for $4. It was orange vodka, bellini slush and soda. I sorta thought there’d be more bellini slush though.

BBQ chicken pizza. This was probably the best dish. The flatbread was quite light and it tasted like what pizza should taste like. My friend complained that there was too much sauce but I thought it was fine.ย Fish and chips. The verdict on this was that the batter tasted like saw dust and the fish wasn’t very fresh :(

It’s never really a great idea to order Asian food at a Western restaurant but we wanted to share two dishes between 3 people so getting Shrimp and Chicken Pad Thai seemed like a good idea since noodles are easy to split. I thought that it was kinda lacking something but the sauce on the noodles was good. There was a lot of veggies at least.

Fettucine Carbonara with garlic bread. The fettucine is suppose to be al dente but this was too chewy for me. The piece of blackened chicken was also pretty small but tasted alright.

Okay the food just wasn’t that great. Probably below average. And I have low standards. At least they didn’t charge us for the appetizers for making us wait. But I still wouldn’t come back.

PS. Did I mention it was REALLY dark? Okay I guess it wouldn’t be during the day or maybe it was because we were in a corner…

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