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For my friend’s birthday, we decided to go for afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise. I’ve heard a lot about how cute it is from all the reviews and we also had a coupon from Klip magazine too for 10% off so I was pretty excited to try it! :) It’s located inside a cute heritage house on Hamilton Street.

On the first floor they sell a small variety of baked goods such as croissants, macarons and small pieces of cake. And they were reaaaally small (size matters!). I expected a bit more variety in the baked goods though the display case looked a bit empty. Maybe they need to use up the space better. Not sure how good they were but my friend bought two pieces to go. They cost about $6 each.


They actually didn’t have a lot of cakes in the display case, maybe they keep them elsewhere? But the waitress behind the counter said that they get to take them home if they don’t sell out :O What a great place to work!


Unfortunately there was no seating area downstairs and the upstairs area is reserved for afternoon tea customers only.

I really love the furniture and decor here! Everything seems so elegant.

Behind the counter!

The tea menu. Most of the teas didn’t seem that appealing so I stuck with the early grey.

Cute tea set! There was a strainer for the tea leaves but it didn’t really work that well. Near the end my tea got really bitter because it had been steeped for so long with all the tea leaves. My friend tried the Mango Flip tea and we concluded that it tasted like hot Vitamin water :S I also sampled the blueberry yogurt tea and the honey sweetened tea and both were nice. The blueberry yogurt wasn’t actually was weird as it sounds.

This was a coconut creme brulee that they brought to use before our tiers were ready. It was like a mini appetizer. It was really good! There was a piece of mandarin orange at the bottom and the coconut creme was very smooth and flavorful. It was also not too sweet.

Our lovely tier!!! :) Yummmm! And look at the beautiful detailing on the table!

The scones were quite soft and buttery. The cucumber sandwiches weren’t very specal though and it just had the dill pickle kind of cream cheese in it. The croissants were very good, also buttery and flaky. There was also some kind of basil leaf in it which gave it a slightly bitter taste at times or it might have been just me… The mushroom quiche was salty but a bit better than it looked. I wish it had more filling though and it didn’t really look like a quiche either. The black currant jam was also a nice touch to the scones.

Isn’t it pretty??? :D I got the lavender macaron and it didn’t really taste like lavender. It just tasted like sweet vanilla. Also it wasn’t as chewy as Thierry macarons but it was still ok.  The tartlet had some kind of raspberry cream thing in the middle and some kind of lemon custard underneath. It was a nice combination and the tart crust was good too. The strawberry shortcake was their house special called the fur elise. There was a small piece of strawberry at the bottom. The outside layer was creamy and smooth and not too sweet. The chocolate torte was SUPER bitter in my opinion and I do like dark chocolate but combined with the really thick texture of the chocolate it was a bit too bitter. It just tasted like it wouldn’t melt in my mouth because it was so thick. Finally we all left the lychee jelly thing for last since it didn’t look as appetizing compared to the other treats. It was ok… it did taste like lychee but nothing special though.

My favourite items were the scones, the croissant and the tartlet. The service was good too the waitress was attentive and friendly and she introduced all the items to us. I thought the place was just super cute and girly =) Since this is just my second afternoon tea experience I still don’t have much to compare with besides Hotel Vancouver and I can’t really say which one was better but price wise this is cheaper. I wouldn’t have gone to Hotel Vancouver if it weren’t for the dealfind voucher. I think this is enough afternoon tea for this year!

PS. they also have a really nice spacious bathroom and they play classical music in there. Just thought you might wanna know.


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