Silver Tower Cafe

On a random lunch with my dad, we ended up at Silver Tower after noticing the long line up at Cattle Cafe and we didn’t feel like waiting. Silver Tower is actually quite big and spacious.

Some sort of Malaysian fried rice with minced meat. I expected it to be a bit spicy but it was more salty from msg. However, I still enjoyed this.

The usual cold milk tea. Here they don’t charge you an extra dollar for cold drinks which is probably one of their redeeming features. Hey a dollar is a dollar right?

Fettucine with tomato sauce and sausages. There were also some mushrooms thrown in. The sauce was pretty generic stuff. You know the Asian pasta sauce that’s kinda ketchupy… it really wasn’t that great but edible and I don’t expect gourmet food here anyway.

It’s a nice place for quick cheap eats! I also like that they have a lot of booth seats.


Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant 銀座 on Urbanspoon

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