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Hellooo! I can’t believe we’re halfway through the semester already and I can’t wait till Halloween! =) My friends and I went to Charcoal for Thanksgiving lunch. It’s located in the same plaza as London Drugs on No. 3 road. I had been here once before and they had some pretty interesting rolls so I was excited to try a few more. We managed to get the last table there during lunch yay!

My friend ordered the tako wasa but they accidentally brought out a tako sunomono? The presentation was quite nice. Well maybe only because the only time I get a sunomono is at AYCE places and we all know presentation isn’t one of their best attributes.

Here’s the actual tako wasa!

This did not have too much wasabi in it but you could still taste it and there were a lot of pieces. The first time I had it though I thought it was a bit too slimey for me but I got used to it.

Mmm sharkfin salad! Another one of those things I usually indulge in at AYCE places but I think I’m really sick of AYCE now … anyway this was good. Nothing particularly special.

The House roll. I’m sure we’re all familiar with this one. A solid roll and the pieces were not too ginormous to eat.

We noticed that they had a lot of lunch specials for around $8-10. This was the BBQ chicken on rice. The portion was actually smaller than I expected. The chicken could have been more moist and flavourful but there was the distinct BBQ taste. The corn and the piece of carrot on the side didn’t do much for me. It just feels like it’s lacking something. Maybe I eat at HK style cafes too much…

This was my favourite roll! This was the Golden roll which was a deep fried California roll. Anything that’s deep fried is good right? I love how the outside is crispy and the inside is warm and soft.

This was the Maple Leaf Roll. Eating this made me feel so patriotic! Haha ok no… This was essentially a California roll topped with mango and smoked salmon with some fish eggs. Since mangoes aren’t in season right now they didn’t taste that sweet which was expected but overall it was good since the mango provided a bit of a different texture to it.

Beef yakisoba. Another one of the lunch specials I think I enjoyed this more than the BBQ chicken on rice since I guess the rice was a little plain. Soy sauce anyone? However, I have to say the portion was on the small side too. And seriously I don’t think anyone eats that carrot.

Okay so it was good enough but I’m not raving about it and the pricing of their┬áspecialty┬árolls are about $8.75 which is normal. They also offer Korean BBQ here too but I haven’t tried that before it seems like a less popular option. It was a good lunch and I don’t mind revisiting once in a while. If you order the lunch special then you probably want an appetizer to go with it.


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