Faubourg! I’ve wanted to try it for so long after taking the bus past it almost everyday for the last year. All their small cakes were $5 each and they had quite a variety too. They also had Vancouver’s favourite dessert: Macarons! They’re everywhere now! These looked a bit smaller than the ones from Thierry. They cost $14 for a box of 8 but I didn’t get any this time. Instead I picked up two small cakes to go. I hate how it takes forever for me to decide on something since they all looked so scrumptious and I can’t afford to buy them all :(

After staring at the display case for ages while the servers patiently waited to take my order, I decided on the giant raspberry coconut macaron and chocolate caramel tarte.

I gave my friend the macaron. I think I picked it because it looked intriguing… I only tried the chocolate caramel tarte and it was really good! The chocolate was partially melted and gooey with the caramel layer underneath at the bottom of the tart. The tart itself wasn’t really flaky or anything since it had to hold all the filling but the filling was really sweet if you eat the whole thing! Even for me and my sweet tooth… It also got a bit messy while I was eating it but it was still very enjoyable.

Overall their pricing is good and on par with other dessert places of the same calibre. I would love to come back and try their other offerings. I heard their croissants are pretty good too!

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