Fisherman’s Terrace

Okay this is a reaaaally old and overdue post hence I don’t remember much but we all know a picture is worth a thousand words right?! =D I like how Fisherman’s Terrace is conveniently located inside Aberdeen. When we arrived at 7pm on a Friday night it wasn’t even very busy. We were celebrating my parent’s anniversary so we decided to go somewhere we didn’t usually go.

Hmmm some kind of soup. It was good but I can never say what they put in these soups…

Veggies in soup. Not my favourite way of eating them since I prefer them stir fried but this was alright.

Okay this I remember! We don’t usually get seafood much and these prawns were really big and crunchy! It was just panfried with some other veggies.

Deep fried fish filet! One of my fave dishes. Well anything deep fried is. The presentation was quite nice but I noticed that the portions here were on the small side especially for the price. However these were nicely fried, not too salty but could have been spicier. I like spicy stuff so maybe I’m biased.

Half of a empress chicken. I never have much to say about chicken but we always seem to get it at every Chinese dinner. Nobody complained so it’s good.

Black pepper beef with veggies. I expected more beef and in bigger pieces but it tasted good. Quite oily though but that’s expected too…

The dessert soup! With yam and “shuet yee” sorry I have no idea what that’s called in English. I like this since it’s not usually served and I’m not a big fan of red bean anyway. It was just sweet enough.

Mmm walnut cookies and some kind of mango coconut sticky rice ball things. They were really good! The sticky rice balls were not too chewy and quite soft and flavourful.

This is only my second time eating here everrr and it’s probably because it’s a bit on the pricier side (sorry we’re poor). However, the quality is good and the atmosphere is nice and fancy looking and service was good too. I was quite happy with the desserts.


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