Pearl Castle – Continental Square

After some unexpected car problems and my plans foiled once again… we ended up at Pearl Castle. I was surprised that there were still so many people there at 10pm and more people came in after us. This was at the Continental Square location. I love how they have a lot of restaurants there now. Our first choice was going to be Deer Garden but they had a line up too.

Seafood fried udon. This came with some kimchi and a lot of veggies. The kimchi seemed kind of random though.

Black pepper chicken on rice. There is chicken underneath that pile of veggies!!! It was like deep fried chicken thigh but covered in sauce. I was expecting a less watery sauce but it definitely had a lot of black pepper flavour to it! The chicken was also very tender but the crispy skin didn’t look very appetizing now that it was drenched in sauce. The portion was pretty big too but it was mostly veggies and very filling.

Tomato with beef brisket.

Apple curry with pork chop.

My matcha with mocha bbt! I was surprised that the top was covered with mini marshmallows but it was a nice touch. There might have been too much mocha flavour though since I didn’t taste the matcha this time.

Floating Ice. This didn’t really have much flavour to it but I think it was suppose to be peach.

This was the Young Girl’s Dream. It looked really nice and we agreed this was the best drink. Not quite sure what was in it but there was soda and grenadine?

We got my friend a cookie card from Mrs. Fields cookies. =) We were too full to eat it after though so he just took it home. We could smell the sweetness from it though! This was a 7″ milk chocolate chip cookie.

The food was good and reasonably priced and their drinks are getting fancy! No wonder there’s a line up. For some reason I felt that this one was better than the one at Richmond Centre but I’ll have to come back again sometime to confirm that!


Pearl Castle 圓香茶坊 (Sexsmith) on Urbanspoon

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