Blenz Dark Belgian Hot Chocolate

Sorry no pictures this time but I gotta say I had huge cravings for Starbuck’s peppermint hot chocolate for the whole month but didn’t get it yet till yesterday. BUT before that I tried the dark hot chocolate from Blenz and it was really rich and had just the right amount of foam! Also they do latte art which just made it extra pretty. Mmm maybe I should try more Blenz drinks now… After that the peppermint hot chocolate tasted extremely average… so I don’t think I’ll be craving it much anymore. Which is good since then I save money and maybe I’ll stop being a Starbucks junkie.

Sidenote: In case you didn’t know you can order a peppermint hot chocolate during the rest of the year too all they do is add peppermint syrup to a regular hot chocolate! However, it does feel more festive to order it during the holidays =)

What did you think?