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For some reason I was really keen on going to the Candytown mini festival in Yaletown last weekend. I know better than to expect too much for these things but it seemed like a nice event to kick off the holiday season. Americans get Black Friday so we can have Candytown right? One interesting thing I noticed was that they claimed that they had free skating and I wasn’t sure how they were going to do that but apparently they used some kind of slippery plastic material and it seemed to work. Still not quite the same as real ice though but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Ice sculpture :)

As we walked down the two blocks of Mainland street designated for the festival, we noticed Boulangerie la Parisienne! They had a lot of cakes and tarts and although the quality and presentation didn’t look super good it did reflect the price points (~$4.25 + tax). This seemed reasonable to me so we opted to try two things.

We got the Charlotte African? cake and the Napolean. I had no idea what was in the first one but it looked good enough and interesting to try. I gotta say I was pretty excited!

Too bad they didn’t include descriptions of their cakes but I think it was white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse? Or truffle?… Whatever it was the consistency tasted really weird and it wasn’t smooth either. It was too cold and ┬áhard for a cake and the puff pastry thing at the end was really … stale. Yes I think that’s the word. =S That was a really big turn off for me maybe they had been sitting in the display case for too long? We did go at the end of the night…

I hoped that this would be better but sadly it wasn’t. I think the cream in this was a bit too sweet and the pastry wasn’t buttery or flaky, it was dry and kinda blah.

So I have to say I was disappointed. I hope their other pastries and sandwiches are better and I’m not even too picky about my desserts but this was really below average. =( There are much better dessert places than this!


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